Marco Island Marriott Jan 2013 -090This week we had a new contributor, Jennifer Carney, publish a story with 12 tips on traveling with kids. It isn’t something I think about often, but I’m glad I was able to find someone with experience in the area. It certainly doesn’t look easy.

This week’s contest ties in with the post. I have several products that look cool and are designed to make traveling with an infant easier. We have a SnoozeShade (RTV $34.99), a stroller cover that helps protect babies from the sun and help them nap while on the go, a Puj Flyte (RTV$35) infant bath that is compact and easy to travel with, an inflatable car booster seat for toddlers called a BubbleBum (RTV $39.99). I also have a cute reusable water bottle from Vapur that I’ll throw in.

Just sign up for my newsletter and use the form below to enter. Then follow me on Facebook and Twitter and be entered two more times. The contest ends on February 13th. If you are already subscribed or following me, just check the boxes to enter.

Note: It’s IMPORTANT that you actually sign up for the newsletter, a few people didn’t on the last contest and we had to disqualify them.

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  1. naoma|

    We traveled with our baby daughter when she was very, very tiny. To England, no less. She was unfussy, well-behaved and many people came by to look at and admire the beautiful baby. Ah, yes, she was quite beautiful and became a baby model in New York City. People thought she was the baby on the Ivory Soap Box. So, after a few of these comments I decided to take her to an agent. She made oodles of money and although relatives said: “You are exploiting her” – once they found she earned so much money, they wanted their kids in the business too. Alas, you must live in L.A. or New York. Long ago, but she is still beautiful and ah, yes, “well behaved.” Thought you’d enjoy this story.

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