Only In The Air contest
This contest is now over.

CONGRATULATIONS to our winner: Keri Butler, seen in the photo here with her haul! Keri’s wine glass-holding necklace was just one of hundreds of great (and ridiculous) products we received as answers. See them all in the comments below!

Winner Keri Butler with her winnings!

The contest (now over):
Have you ever been on a plane, flipping through one of those in-flight catalogs, and seen an item that’s made you laugh, or point out to your seatmate, or just shake your head? Something like, say:

  • A remote-controlled towel
  • A hat that can remember your name
  • Dog ice skates
  • Edible bookmarks
  • A TV powered by bacon grease

None of those items are real, but in the air—based on what else is out there—they really could be. In our “Only In The Air” contest with Gogo, we’re asking for the craziest, most ridiculous, coolest, most ingenious, most impractical, or just most memorable product you’ve ever seen in an in-flight catalog. If it made you think, “Only In The Air,” we want to hear about it.

From the pool of readers who share their favorites, one lucky winner will be picked to win a Macbook Air, an iPad and an Apple TV!

Here’s how to enter:
From Wednesday, December 4, 2013 – midnight PT on Tuesday, December 17, 2013, you can enter by using the form below to Like both me and Gogo on Facebook. You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and Gogo on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to earn yourself bonus entries (meaning more chances to win).

Then, submit your “Only In The Air” product as a comment in the comments section of this page. Simple as that!

The fine print:
All official rules apply.

Good luck!

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418 Comments On "Win a Macbook Air, iPad and Apple TV in our "Only In The Air" contest with Gogo!"
  1. James|

    My ‘only in the Air’ gadget is the doggie bed that automatically warms up when the doggie enters.

    1. kim m|

      foldable pet stairs in airline mag.

  2. precia|

    My husband bought a small Yeti statue (which oddly has great abs) and hid it in the trees in our backyard as a joke for our 3 boys. It’s memorable for everyone that spots it in our yard!

  3. Kirsten|

    I saw the No!No! for the first time in an inflight mag and I thought it sounded way too good to be true, and totally ridiculous. Now I seem to see it on TV every week. Le sigh.

  4. Ryan Williams|

    The most ridiculous thing I have seen in the skymall catalog is the lawn yeti that stands about 5 feet tall.

  5. Christine P.|

    Crazy, I don’t know- ingenious is more like it. The brownie pan that gives them all edges from the SkyMall catalog. :-)

  6. Emma|

    Keeping the season in mind – I once saw a Christmas tree all decorated in Judaica. SO Fantastic ;)

  7. christina kang|

    i recently saw a singing toothbrush in sky mall! who doesn’t want to listen to justin beiber or gangnam style while brushing their teeth??

  8. Anonymous|

    Macbook Air

  9. Carli|

    Pet Crate End tables.

  10. Matt G.|

    There is a $360 self-cleaning litter box that looks like a scale-to-size Death Star.
    Only in the air…

  11. Michelle Proper|

    I think the funniest thing I ever saw in an In Flight catalog on a plane was a toilet paper roll heater! It was funny because I had no idea that was an issue! Hahaha

  12. Scott McMurren|

    OK, as a certified Apple fanboy, the only item I lack is a MACBOOK AIR. GIMME SUM DAT!! Oh–and a flying Gogo dawg, too. I want one!! HAHAAHAA

  13. Abbie unger (@abbieunger)|

    I love the kitty cat potty training kit!

  14. Alexandra|

    Only in the Air Product – An outdoor garden thing that appears to look like a dead man crawling out of the earth. Who buys that? No not just Halloween. This is an all year offered item.

  15. Ed Cyr|

    A Stabilizing Monopod for camera. Pretty slick!

  16. Chuck Smith|

    A Gogo wireless router bowtie – take your signal with you wherever your dapper attire will take you

  17. Dayla (@CasaDeRedneck)|

    Oh this made me laugh. Just this morning a few co-workers and I were laughing about the Beverage Bra! (I *may* or may not want one)!

  18. Vicky|

    “Juicy Crittoure Pawfum,” a perfume for your pet, seems pretty outrageous to me. ;)

  19. Holly B|

    The weirdest was definitely Protein Ketchup!

  20. Jeannine Crooks|

    Weirdest thing I saw – a doggy water bed! Gotta love those onboard magazine malls.

  21. Alethea Smartt|

    The most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in an in-flight catalog was a device to “fix” golfer’s tan. Basically it was a tanning booth for your feet!

  22. Pamela H|

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! You always have the best giveaways! Plus your articles are always interesting and informative!!

  23. James B (@jb_sweeps)|

    Inflatable “personal suite” to transform a row of airline seats into an isolated oasis free from crying babies and close-contact coughs..

  24. anthony (@tonetone28)|

    Battery powered Plastic ice cream cone that spins the ice cream for you so you don’t have to move your tongue or hand.

  25. Rachel|

    Combined iPad pedestal stand & toilet paper roll holder

  26. Anonymous|

    The last time I flew, there was an outdoor theatre offered, I cannot remember the cost, but it was large. The screen was huge and it raised out of the ground, and ipads were included in the price along with the sound system. This was far from my reach!!!! Probably Leo Laporte could afford it, or at least The Donald.

  27. Jeannie Brust|

    Nose hair clipper!

  28. alibedard1|

    My “Only In The Air” product is a WINBOT Window Cleaning Robot ($399). How cool that would be !!

  29. Lauren Hanson|

    The bacon pillow and the mounted squirrel head are definitely two “Only in the air” products I have seen recently!

  30. Darleene Powells|

    SkyMall’s NFL Forest Face, here: Only for the truly nutty NFL fan and something you’d only see in the air. I mean, wow.

  31. Anonymous|

    I still get nervous about the electric ice scrapper. Connecting a wire to electrical current while standing in water does not seem like a good idea to me…

  32. martha|

    a few years ago, I saw an ad for a light-up deer with a red chest that someone could attach to the back of a truck or trailer.

  33. itookintheview|

    A Bacon Throw Cover and Food Pillows. WOW.

  34. danirenee1982|

    thank you for the chance…just so you know the instagram follow for gogo is not working but I do follow danirenee1982 :)

  35. Catherine|

    would be perfect for my cats, but then Snuggles would just figure out to follow Star all the time and still steal her food.

  36. Bruce|

    solar-powered coffee maker

  37. No Facebook|

    Facebook required? Never mind, then.

    1. ki10|

      Right? I know they do these giveaways mostly to get more social media spread, but that’s frustrating.

  38. patrickquirkeQuirke|

    Really excited about this competition, fantastic products and a really exciting forward thinking company in Gogo too.

  39. BeyondtheTech (@BeyondtheTech)|

    I remember seeing a pillow that you sleep on a flight – leaning forward. One guy actually reviewed it. Google “SkyRest Travel Pillow Actual Review” and read for yourself.

  40. Kay M|

    A hat with a bottle and straw attached

  41. Dhevvya Mystory|

    My favorite “Only In the Air” product would have to be a “Pencil Straw”. It’s a pencil on one end and a straw on the other. Why? Because everyone gets thirsty while doing homework, and no one wants to pick up the glass of water to drink.

  42. Owen S.|

    What if there was a way to electronically remove warts in the privacy of your own home? Well maybe you can with the Electronic Wart Remover that’s advertised on page 114 of the December 2013 US Airways magazine!

  43. Greg Potts (@gpotts5626)|

    The humuga lips dog toy is weird,impractical, and a little creepy.

  44. Palmer Morris|

    The Grip & Assist Mobility Belt!

  45. Lesli K|

    mounted squirrel head.

  46. Michelle S|

    crossing my fingers!! done them all.

  47. Gregg Medina|

    My favorite Only In The Air gift is the Day clock! When your on vacation, it’s SO easy to lose track of the days! No numbers, just days of the week in clock fashion!

  48. Heather Speaks (@queenofgarlands)|

    I once saw a life size statue of Sasquatch for sale.

  49. Chris Jarjoura|

    A talking dog collar, that the dog owner controls. So, it doesn’t even help if the dog is lost. You just use it to “surprise” your guests when the dog talks, when you push the button.

  50. Brant Ivey|

    Chocolate fountain.

  51. Bruce R|

    Lighted dog lease powered by pulling by your dog

  52. nosogirl|

    I think the first time I ever saw a “porch potty” for dogs in one of those “airline shopping magazines”, I thought, “Seriously??”. Only in the air!!!

  53. Anonymous|

    Dog leash

  54. Chrissy|

    I once saw iPhone cuff links in the Skymall. They were mini little iPhones designed with apps and everything the size of cufflinks. Only in the air!

  55. Denise Anderson|

    I’ve never been on a plane but if I had to dream something up it would be the air freshner/nausea bag.

  56. Daniel T. Assisi|

    It has got to be the “tree face” you buy to place on a tree in your backyard so it can look like it has eyes, nose, and a mouth… Genius! Don’t know how I ever lived without it! I now see my life was incomplete before learning about it… #SweetIgnorance

  57. ddailey902 Dana Dailey|

    A personal massager to fit in your purse that looks like a tube of lipstick. REALLY, you can’t wait until you get there?? I will never ever look at lipstick the same. “ONLY IN THE AIR”

  58. Heather Ratliff|

    I saw a personalizable Viewmaster. That was pretty cool!

  59. D|

    I always liked the pillow with holes for your head and hands that blacks out light – so you can sleep in Economy on those long-haul flights!

  60. John R|

    The portable personal bubble that envelopes your head to serve as a gas mask.

  61. D. Vargas|

    Nose-massaging eyeglasses.

  62. Erman|

    Its “only in the air” that i never in the air. I love travel by ship and car. I wish i can take of from ship to turn around the world someday.

  63. James Craven|

    Touchless Sensor Toilet Seats: pretty much takes it…

  64. haioson|

    Boom — BuzzFeed put together 35 of them for me:

  65. Michael W Travels|

    I saw a hideous lamp which looked like a women posing and it had a lampshade for the head.

  66. Marc Mahacek|

    I always laugh at the “how to train your cat to use the toilet” ad. Then I start thinking that maybe my cat could actually learn that.

  67. Kimberly L|

    Only In The Air

  68. L.Hynes|

    ” Only in the Air” bacon flavored band-aids.

  69. Geri Jeter|

    I was amazed by one of those cat potties that sit on top of the regular toilet. OMG! Would you use the toilet after your cat? Eeew!

  70. John Saviano|

    Solar Powered FlashLight.

  71. Jeff Wynn|


  72. Irene H|

    “Only in the Air” can you find Humunga “LIPS” and “MUSTACHE” shaped Dog toys! Ridiculously cute!!!

  73. Courtney Haas|

    A golf mat you put around your toilet to play while relieving yourself..

  74. Hunt|

    My favorite was the aquarium coffee table. All glass on the top and four sides so your aquarium can be seen by all in front of your sofa!

  75. Terry|


  76. Kendra|

    Mermaid Swim Fins

  77. Amy|

    marshmallow ear plugs ;X

  78. Brent Ekins|

    A foot warmer for the in-flight that you could use to keep warm while shedding your shoes. Just the thing for a long flight in the winter

  79. Andrew P|

    The craziest thing I’ve seen in an in-flight magazine was a physical CD for AT&T dial-up internet. On the CD packaging it said, “CD CANNOT BE USED AS FLOTATION DEVICE.” Ridiculous that they either felt the need or were required to!

  80. ctrimmCory Trimm|

    Only in the air entry would have to be from my flight earlier this evening where I saw a ‘Train your cat how to go to the bathroom in a human toilet.’

  81. gina cooper|

    Some crazy cell phone!

  82. Lanee F|

    “Only in the Air” heated slippers for your pet

  83. Rick Y|

    The Potty Putter. A miniature golf game you play while on the toilet!

  84. Nick Gonzalez|

    The recent craziest thing I saw was the beard hat. A hat with a fake beard and mustache.

  85. Becca Bandit|

    One of the craziest “Only In The Air” products is the beer pager which is a beer koozie with a built in pager and remote to locate your missing beer! Love the site! Keep up the great work!

  86. Steve C|

    Only in Air – an iPad

  87. Mario B.|

    “Only In The Air” would you find a VHS To DVD Converter.

  88. J Winterberg|

    I could swear I saw a “cook any meal in your car” kit a few years back, which plugged into the cigarette lighter for power and allowed you to turn your dashboard into a grill worthy of any truck stop!

  89. Rebecca U|

    The singing toothbrush with Justin Beiber…..yes I have one thanks to my son and DIL. They gave me one in my stocking last year for Christmas. They know I’m not a fan of the Beib!!

  90. Enter your full name here|

    germ kit

  91. keith McUmber|

    inflatable airline pillow

  92. Anonymous|

    plastic waterproof roll up key board!

  93. Mason Hullermann|

    Protein ketchup cups

  94. Donna|

    an underwater pogo stick

  95. Susan H.|

    Glow In the Dark Frisbee

  96. Issac C (@IssacChanT)|

    eye glasses with built-in flash light

  97. Mike N.|

    Grill brush cleaner

  98. Jerry Lafferty|

    One of the goofiest crazy things was a mirror that had mustaches on the mirror, so you could see yourself with different styles of mustaches to determine what suits you best. Now that’s Crazy!

  99. Trace Carlson|

    Those faces you can put on trees always seem to be the most worthless item I see. If anything would ever tempt me it would be the shower heads with different colored lights.

  100. Charles Thor|

    Saw and bought a travel map to chronicle all my travels in it. The SkyMall finally had a product I couldn’t resist.

  101. Erin Johnson-pina|

    an ipad!

  102. Angela B|

    A pair of very nice sporty bluetooth earphones.

  103. Anonymous|

    I think the how potty training your cat toilet is the oddest thing I’ve seen.

  104. Brian Dickerson|

    I think the porch potty for dogs that live in apartments is my favorite “only in the air” device

  105. Richard Smith|

    Harry Potter wands and Lord Of the Ring swords. Really????

  106. Maree G|

    Saw This & Know A Few People That Would Love It! > Yell Ding Dong Doormat … “only in the air”

  107. Trasina McGahey|

    Hmmm, I don’t think I have ever paid undue attention to the catalogs. The only thing I can even think of that was in it is perfumes. Obviously I’m no good at this question lol.


    A darthvader legos alarm clock.

  109. Thomas Chappell|

    Only Air tires. :) You just spray a clear solution around your tire well and poof a new tire

  110. marissahizzle|

    Stache dog toys (and the lips one too) lol what??!

  111. Geri Jeter|

    I rarely, if ever, connect any contest through my FB account. Way to creepy. That said, your entry form shows only revolving circles of death below the name and email address. There is no way to enter information. (Mac user)

  112. fritscht|

    Lord of the rings gold ring

  113. Rose Samath|

    Only in the Air”

  114. April Wray|

    I LOVED the Dog Crate End Tables!

  115. GL Long|

    I saw this in Sky Mall. It’s called “HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase”. It is a pillow with a hoodie in the middle. Not sure why?

  116. tydwbleach|

    A plastic pig that you put in your refrigerator that is activated by the light So that every time you open the Fridge door? it OINKS.

  117. nicole dz|

    ipad air

  118. Diana Foster|

    Strangest thing is a pet waterbed. Made me jealous! lol

  119. Phillip A|

    Toilet Paper Foam Moistener

  120. Leslie Fox|

    The human slingshot.. Where do they get some of these treasures..

  121. fedai|

    Only In The Air would you see a hat with straws coming out

  122. Jan Warner|

    Mens phone receiver watch

  123. Katie Brady|

    Honestly, there have been MANY things that have made me laugh while browsing through an in-flight catalog. The top weirdest thing I’ve ever seen would have to be a MOUNTED SQUIRREL HEAD. I mean seriously, who needs that?! “Only in the Air” would you see something that impractical and ridiculous.

  124. FreeJet (@FreeJet)|

    A Wrought Iron Christmas Tree ( I guess it can also double as a hat and coat rack in the off-season. :)

  125. Ginny|

    My “Only In The Air” product would be DJ Roomba (from Parks & Rec) if such a thing existed!

  126. Pnina|

    spacepen the pen that writes in zero gravity underwater over wet and greasy surface at any angle.

  127. Rose-Ann Clements|

    I don’t have any “only in the air” products, that I know of!

  128. Anonymous|

    Straighten Up Posture Aid

  129. debbie k|

    ‘only in the air’ item? A clock that runs on potatoes instead of batteries!

  130. Becky Kinard|

    Potty training for the cat!

  131. Amanda|

    It was the first time I ever saw an end table that was to hide a cat box! As if you wouldn’t know there was a cat box in the room!

  132. Thom Coleman|

    “Only In The Air” … air popped popcorn

  133. Cyndi L Smith|

    Straighten Up Posture Aid seriously?

  134. Heather Voorhees|

    I saw a toddler potty-training toilet with an iPad holder.

  135. Brian Smith|

    I remember seeing computer mice in the shape of classic cars in one of those catalogs and thinking how impractical….and pricey!

  136. Shelia Garrett|

    My ‘only in the Air’ gadget is the doggie bed that automatically warms up when the doggie enters

    Read more:

  137. Jenny Rose|

    Hats you drink out of.

  138. David v|

    5 foot yeti statue

  139. wgchinn|

    A checked luggage locator

  140. travelbroad61|

    Humunga Lips Dog Toy

  141. Melissa|

    My “Only in the Air” product is a hair drying and styling stand.

  142. Jonathan G|

    My “Only In The Air” product is an iPad

  143. BlondeBrunetteTravel|

    Compression socks so I don’t get blood clots – pathetic!

  144. Larrissa|

    I like the wireless call notifier. Looks pretty cool.

  145. Tracy Melhinch|

    An NFL High Heel shoe, wine holder…how awful!!!

  146. Breia B|

    Never been on a plane but enjoying reading everyone’s comments.

  147. brunie reyes|

    Potty training for kitties!! Also better seating! Recliners on planes;) oh yes

  148. Allison S|

    I think the wine glass holder necklace is pretty funny!

  149. Danyell|

    The huge cube like pillows. You are suppose to be able to sit it on the tray and lay your head, shoulders/upper body on it. Good luck with the worn, rickety, not so sturdy trays. Can you imagine someone falling asleep, get a little turbulence, and they awaken scared….reaching for the oxygen mask ? (the one that in their minds, when you fall that hard/ far/fast, surely it should have dropped.)

  150. MrAOK|

    chia pet duck duck dynasty version

  151. KellyB|

    A human slingshot in SkyMall. It claims that it’s a game but I just picture people slamming into each other at high rates of speed.

  152. polly|

    I think the yeti is cool

  153. christina|

    Dog waterbed~only in the air.

  154. Rebecca Graham|

    Bacon scented soap

  155. Asia Clayborne|

    iPad mini is the perfect “only in the air” product. Even though you can take it EVERYWHERE!! The size alone would make it my go to product when flying! Love to have one!!

  156. Becky J|

    I saw this and about lost it:

  157. Katie Johnson|

    I’ve always thought drinking fountains for cats are ridiculous.
    A bowl should be good enough!

  158. Guwanjith Tennekoon|

    Singing toothbrush

  159. tabetha|

    I saw a garden statue that looked like a dragon going in and out of the ground . it was huge and ugly and came in something like 6 sections. Who would want that?

  160. 113tidbits|

    Pet crate end tables for me

  161. poohbear| like a prod is really required for who shot first :)

  162. Melvin Craig|

    My invention for this airline magazine would have to be… The Sock Toaster!
    “A toaster specially designed for keeping your *socks, warm and toasty, and toasting your favorite delicious breads and muffins!”
    And it would be shaped like a sock on its side.

    *The Sock Toaster does not work with other clothing items.

  163. Amy Tolley|

    i saw a lighted doggy leash with matching collar

  164. chris allen|

    The beverage bra.

  165. Monica Cape|

    I found unicorn meat in a can. Of course I had to buy it as a gag gift for Christmas. Look it up to see for yourself.

  166. barb haley|

    my husband builds golf course for a living and travels all the time so most of my birthday/anniversary gifts come from the airline magazines. one that didn’t work so well was the pool chair that ended up being impossible to get into and way, way to big for our pool

  167. Sean Boyle|

    Signed Soup Nazi photo.

  168. Rebecca Thomas|

    wine glass necklace!

  169. cole marie mckinnon|

    I just won from the Cupcake Boss two cookie pans that are so small that a kitty cookie might fit in it and it has weird edges to make the cookies look like something you might give out for halloween. It is useless to me.

  170. angela barrientos|

    The wonderbowl selective pet feeder that only opens if the pet is wearing the unique tag.

  171. James patrick II|

    kitty cat potty training kit!

  172. LyndaKekahunaz Ohana|

    To tell you the truth, I’ve never been on a plane or let alone off this island (OAHU) but if ever there comes a time for me to fly, there should be a product where at the back of the headrest of the passenger in front of me, there should be a built-in beauty salon to make me all dolled up so when I land in Vegas, I’m all pretty for when I meet my granddaughter for the very first time…”Only in the Air” glamour!! *;)

  173. brandy|

    I think perhaps my two favorites have been the unicorn horn for your pet cat, and the plastic container of air.

  174. Paula Bondy|

    Indoor grass/fire hydrant for your dog to go potty. Sounds gross to me….

  175. Trista Kort|

    The inflatable pillow that rest on the table tray in front of you. Silliest looking thing out there.

  176. Lora Catterson|

    the worming toilet paper holder would be awesome with toilet seat wormer for the frozen outhouse !!!

  177. Donna Murphy|

    The craziest thing I saw lately was a diamond encrusted pacifier. Seems like it cost around 20 grand!!!! Who buys that stuff???!!!!!

  178. Dave Nelson|

    only in the air… cassette to mp3 converter

  179. Roxanne Williamson|

    A lego Star Wars alarm clock. How have I lived without one?

  180. Anonymous|

    My husband wants the indoor doggie potty yard!

  181. poplogic17|

    Freeze-dried rainbow packs. Just add water!

  182. Pennie N.|

    I bought the self-flushing cat toilet. Sadly – it did not work as advertised. You don’t want to know what was required to “unclog” it.

  183. Terra|

    Crazy custom Pet Portrais posed as a 17th century noble.

  184. Lynda McMillan|

    Looq Remote Shutter, I don’t even understand what it does.

  185. Erin Walsh|

    Power BalanceTM wristbands supposed to improve your energy levels, balance and flexibility. A lot to ask from a rubber wristband.

  186. Erika Hilliard|

    As a military mom, we traveled quite a bit, but when I saw the carrier that the child could ride on behind you like a piece of luggage. I literally laughed out loud and couldn’t stop, laughing so hard tears were coming from my eyes. If I knew I would not have gotten carted off by security, I would have gotten some straps and made my own seat for my kids with their little chairs from home. That was the best laugh!

  187. Ben (@benmarks)|

    The self-cleaning litter box.

  188. Pam Walters|

    The best thing was the lamb that made sounds of being in the womb for my new grandson.

  189. Kristin|

    R2D2 Robot that responds to voice commands!

  190. Creslan T. Williams (@creslanwilliams)|

    My only in the Air item would have to be: iPhone Cufflinks with Case (Unless You work for Apple there is no reason to have these)

  191. BobAKABuffy (@BobAKABuffy)|

    I might have to actually buy this Yeti Xmas ornament!
    I fly in a few days…can’t wait to see the ridiculousness I can purchase! Already have my GoGo bought for the flights!

  192. Luis Scott (@LSMiranda)|

    travel weights you fill with water – Only In The Air

  193. Robin Jedele-pescador|

    I saw these Custom pet canvas that you can have your dog painted into formal wear etc…crazy

  194. Kush Patel|

    Self Folding Towel Animals!

  195. charlene dellechiaie|

    A Solar Power Cube for charging your devices that costs $1,199.99

  196. cheryl|

    “Nano” toothpaste. Nano is the new buzzword for everything these days.But, the only thing even close to nano about this that I could see was “tiny bubbles” created when you brushed! Get real.

  197. Kodoma|

    I was already following you on Twitter, so I undid you and re-followed again (I do not have Farcebook).
    Anyway one thing I remember seeing was a tv remote that was a Harry Potter wand. I thought it was sort of silly yet somehow still useful…..

  198. Dana Pugsley|

    Rechargeable heated slippers Only in the Air LOL

  199. Peter|

    An electric ice scraper that you plug into your cigarette lighter. Just what I always wanted.

  200. Jeff The Wanderer|

    Mine has to be the Yeti statues. Why would you need one of these other than for a joke? Not only can you get just one, but you can get a set of multiple sizes. Awesome!

  201. Phil nadeau|

    My “only in the air” item was a dog crate end table, how stylish… Haha who would really buy something that looks like a cage for end tables?

  202. Brandon Bethea|

    My “Only in the Air” entry – I saw the “NFL Forest Face” once where you decorate your favorite tree with eyes/nose/lips made of resin and a cap from your favorite team. I think if I want someone to know I’m a fan of a certain team, a baseball cap works just fine!

  203. valeri g|

    Only in the air – Aerogardens

  204. Beam Me Up Scotty!|

    My “Only In The Air” gizmo would be a 3G/ 4G/ wifi networked device with gps that you could hide in all of your luggage pieces, so you could track them with the “Find My iPad/ iPhone” app and if necessary, it could sound a siren to help you locate your bags if someone else tries to walk off with them….

  205. Wes|

    The Only In The Air product is that awesome flight pillow in the Skymall magazine!

  206. Scarlett Graham|

    The doggy porch potty.

  207. Michael|

    Forest face and mustache mirror have to be within the top ten . I have more though ; much more .

    1. Michael|

      BTW i tried entering the contest but the giveaway portion never fully loads. If there is another way to enter i would greatly appreciate it. thanks for the chance

  208. Cinthia W|

    So, now there are all sorts of light emitting wands that thicken your hair. Amazing.

  209. Debbie Rice|

    A dog snuggie

  210. BeckyK|

    The potty trained cat video and kit is a hoot!

  211. Carol|

    A ceramic Smoking Baby – you put a little cigarette in its mouth (they are supplied in the package I’m relieved to say) and the stupid thing “smokes” them. My sister actually bought this for me. I paid her back on her next birthday by giving her a seriously ugly, rhinestone studded, sweater guard.

  212. Stan McHam|

    Spindle and Sin Cold Shot Chiller for $199

  213. Liz|

    a patch of fake grass for dogs to pee on.

  214. Rita Corey|

    My Only in the Air has to be the potty training kit for your cat. I don’t understand how anybody would want their cat using the same toilet they use.

  215. Anonymous|

    I love electronics and I was hoping to get some Christmas presents for my family by this. Reading SkyMall magazines are one of my favorite things to do on a plane

  216. Elena R|

    “Only In The Air” product is a singing toothbrush

  217. ditzylady|

    The lawn yeti

  218. Lisaswg22|

    Preemie dragons hatching out of eggs as a desk decoration.

  219. BQN|

    Only In The Air

  220. Carol Moore|

    Only In The Air you will see a pet owner bathing there dog in the airplane bathroom.

  221. Debbi R|

    A side table that is also a pet bed

  222. Nicole Acuna|

    On my last flight to visit my parents I picked up a skymall and saw something that literally made me LOL, a product called Bling String – they are small lights that you put into your hair like extensions so basically you end up looking like a human Christmas tree!

  223. Thibault|

    My “only in the air” product is my iPad mini ! Too tiny to follow me everywhere like my iPhone but more confortable :-)

  224. Ruksana M (@slicksweepberry)|

    Love to win Macbook Air. Thanks

  225. Jennifer J|

    Nose hair clippers…..eww

  226. Cheryl Shields|

    I remember seeing a swimming pool poker table in the airplane magazine…um…wouldn’t the cards get all wet and soggy? Only in the air…

  227. Shar|

    The Sky Mall Yeti~ Why?

  228. Linda Knight|

    Only in the Air with my travel pillow

  229. Shawn stover|

    foldable pet stairs

  230. RevJay|

    Only in the air-Recycled buffalo chips

  231. Gloria Sciuto|

    My “Only In The Air” product is probably the Dweller Below. It’s a creepy guy crawling out of a sewer hole. I imagine it’s for your garden.

  232. Deborah Denn|

    Don’t remember the name,but it was basically spray-paint for balding people

  233. Tammy Kerr|

    Only in The Air love to read the skymall magazines. They have a lot of weird items that especially the doggie porch potty.

  234. Charlie Miliner|

    Only in the Air – I saw a inflatable backyard movie screen! Looked like fun but not something I would ever buy!!

  235. Vennesa Kelly|

    “Only In The Air”….the dogie bed warmer

  236. Debra Stotts|

    The fake grass for pups “Only In The Air”

  237. Anonymous|

    A koozie that has an alarm and remote so you never lose your beer.

  238. karen|

    Macbook Air

  239. bhavesh joshi|

    “Only In The Air”… the most memorable sighting was chocolate covered bacon wrapped up as a holiday flower set. It became even more memorable when I saw it in person a few days later!

  240. George A|

    So many odd products. I’d have to say the remote control R2D2 stands out.

  241. Cecilia Salcedo|

    The Sky Rest travel pillow cracks me up! “Only in the air” would people consider buying a carry-on sized pillow to lug around with them on the plane & during their travels. Lol!

  242. ranjan|

    With so many products im thinking of a hat that can remember your name

  243. sbbuc|

    The train your cat on the potty!! Crazy!

  244. Caitlynn Dabney|

    I took my first flight every in April and I paid no attention to the catalog. Now I wish I would have because I would love to see a lot of these items being mentioned lol Next time I will pay more attention!

  245. Evelyn Frierson|

    Great Giveaway

  246. Robert Canning|
  247. Jacqueline Nikolish|

    A clock that only tells what day it is, not the time.

  248. Courtney|

    Somehow I always want to buy every ridiculous thing that I see in those magazines. I would have to say I think the craziest thing is the vacuum cleaner robot or the window cleaning robot. So silly!

  249. Shirley Smith|

    My “Only In The Air” would be traveling as much as I can by plane

  250. Larrissa|

    The travel hoodie pillow.

  251. Tara-Lynn King|

    some hat with straws in it, weird haha…

  252. Donna Hancock|

    Bacon pillow

  253. ahmad|
  254. Candace|

    My Only In The Air product is an Ipad

  255. jean|

    a singing toothbrush… wanna listen to some Justin Bieber?

  256. Patrycja Chudziak|

    Justin Bieber Mint Floss

  257. Alita Alexander|

    The Rock Lamp – a flat rock with a wick to light

  258. David Valovage|

    The fake lawn for your pet to relieve himself on

  259. kari meeks|

    The food pillows are just what I need Only in the Air!

  260. christina moore|

    an ipad!

  261. Amber Shores|

    The weirdest in flight item i’ve ever seen by far has to be BACON flavored TOOTHPASTE!! O.o Bleh not sure how you’d get that clean, refreshed feeling.

  262. carol roberts clark|

    bacon flavored perfume

  263. Kathy Tillman|

    Mustache Mirror Ever wonder how you’d look styled with a ‘stache? Worry not about facial hair farming inhibitions, thanks to our exclusive beveled-edge mirror.


  264. Kathryn Mackey|

    this is really nice

  265. Reine Bullard|

    The ‘flea zapper electric comb’ caught my eye…I’ve wanted to try it on my cat ever since. Happy Holidays!

  266. Ariel R.|

    Pet rear end covers. Google it.

  267. Beth B|

    superme cape and backpack.

  268. KC|

    The best item I ever saw in a SkyMall magazine was a hiccup stick! Apparently, you place this plastic stick between your teeth and then drink a glass of water. Supposed to cure them in minutes ;) Thought it was definitely strange!

  269. Denise D|

    The Yeti Tree Hugger creeps me out.

  270. Jeremy|

    I liked the Let’s eat grandma/comma saves lives T-shirt

  271. Michael|

    Two words. Bacon Pillow! Skymall

  272. Amy|

    A zombie statue that appears to be crawling out of your lawn!

  273. Mary|

    I always thought the “King Tut Throne” was crazy. An actual replica of an Egyptian looking throne. Who buys that? I can almost imagine putting one in my office and making my colleagues address me as your majesty.

  274. Jordan|

    Programmable message-displaying belt buckle.

  275. beth embrey-kelsay|

    Only in the Air would you find a folding high chair for kids in a magazine. Seriously, that’s what i would call in air-dining for my child.

  276. Candace|

    I saw an atomizer that sprayed your chicken with broth or wine to make it juicy WHILE IT WAS BAKING IN THE OVEN! I don’t know how that doesn’t set your house on fire!

  277. Bill W|

    Definitely the official Lord of the Rings swords which retail for over a thousand dollars! They even have pricey Harry Potter memorabilia as well!

  278. Danny|

    Only in Air – an iPad

  279. xxfinallyxxloved|

    Only in the air product would have to be bacon flavored toothpaste!

  280. Anonymous|

    I remember seeing an ad for “iphone bra” it would hold an ID, phone, money, and other things!

  281. Annie T|

    There was a genetic certification for dog that I thought was just incomprehensible :P

  282. Larrissa|

    Learn to play piano dvds.

  283. Kymberly Pray|

    It is called the NFL Forest Face, and is essentially the pieces of a face (think Mr. Potato Head) and a ball cap that you affix to a tree to show your team allegiance. Really?
    I just wonder how the tree feels (humiliated, I’m guessing), and what if you outfit it with the Green Bay Packers getup, and it is a Patriots fan? .. or does not care for football, but enjoys ball room dancing?!
    The tree defiling must end!

  284. Joseph|

    “Only in the Air” – Porch Potty for Apt or Condo owners via Skymall

  285. Thuy Vu|

    A doggie toilet so that I don’t have to walk the dog

  286. Allison S|

    We have a side table that holds chairs inside.

  287. Tara Boisen|

    Doggie waterbed….

  288. peggyfindit|

    I swear I saw a bra that holds wine with a straw (like the beer hats, except this was for chicks) Maybe that was just a dream, but GREAT idea :o) BIG boobs and wine to drink – sounds like heaven – LOL

  289. Michele Cupp|

    I remember a necklace that was a wine glass holder. Not practical, nor would anyone ever wear that!

  290. Tracie Trump|

    A doggie water bed, that’s insane!

  291. Julie|

    Most definitely the beverage bra!

  292. Terri Wilson|

    I recall seeing a gadget called No No..Upon more reading in the Sky Mall magazine…It’s a must find and own for me!

  293. Lissi Sadler|

    I saw the heated loo roll holder too – strangest thing ever!

  294. Tonya Prater (@travelermom)|

    Well, I can’t remember anything ridiculous that I’ve seen in the air, but I did take a peek at Skymall and the Humunga Stache and Humunga Lips Dog Toys cracked me up.

  295. Anne S|

    So how lazy must you be to want an automatic robot cleaner (minime Rhomba) for your Ipad?

  296. Mary L|

    A laser-powered hair growing system.

  297. jbuccella|

    The absolute best one I saw was the Wine glass holder lanyard. For the networking business professional in your life who knows how to truly balance “work and play”

    Such a treat.

  298. nickie|

    A Bacon Throw Cover and Food Pillows.

  299. Valerie Purdy-Pyeron|

    the cat litter box that looks like an end table

  300. chris v|

    sunglasses you can find by by yelling for them

  301. brenda nelms|

    When I saw this, I was like, ummmm, I do not want it in my living area! : Only in the air” HaHa!

  302. sheila ressel|

    The Harry Potter remote control wand.

  303. Kris P.|

    Harry Potter remote control wand

  304. Anonymous|

    doesn’t matter since this entry doesn’t seem to work with Safari. I get locked spinning circles and cant enter. Questionable contest!!!!!

  305. Jan Roberts|

    I am definately going to have to say the Justin Bieber singing toothbrush!

  306. Gordon|

    An English Telephone Booth!

  307. Ben|

    Only In The Air and away we gogo!

  308. jenny hebert|

    this prize is so cool

  309. Laura C|

    a two way people mover in place of the aisle – why not, there is plenty of room – just like the seats offering expansive knee room on almost every airline

  310. Sherri jones|

    WonderBowl Selective Pet Feeder the pet has to wear a special tag to eat.

  311. AG (@adamygriffith)|

    A treadmill desk! I could get a jog in while checking my email! I really need one now that I think about it.

  312. Darryl|

    Strangest most hilarious thing was a. Chew baca costume from Star Wars

  313. Larrissa|

    wireless call notifier

  314. jose benavides|

    Only in the Air Product that I saw that I think is the dumbest thing ever made is a baby wipie warmer….

  315. Zach|

    King Tut’s Egyptian Throne… $1000 of pure absurdity. I was kinda hoping for it to be a toilet add on to make it a “throne” but to no avail it couldn’t be done.

  316. angela smith|

    dog crate end tables or a doggie waterbed

  317. Linda Nguyen (@Lindasayswhat)|

    Toilet Paper roll heater

  318. Kurt Hoffmann|

    A life-size statue of Bigfoot

  319. Olivia I Justice|

    The “Only In Air Product” I saw that was odd to me was an Vivitar digital camera and Binocular combo.

  320. Robert Cole|

    “Only in the Air” Product: The Zero-Gravity Tri-Mode Personal Video Boom Headmount.

    Your iPhone or Android smartphone easily mounts into this light as a feather, adjustable head mounted boom. The telescoping and bendable boom offers a myriad of positions for taking still pictures or shooting video of yourself, others, or both!

    Want to talk on the phone? Just use the speakerphone and don’t bother taking the phone out of the mount – what could be more convenient?

    Constructed of space-age, top-secret materials, this head mounted camera/phone boom is both sturdy and stylish. So good looking, you might be tempted to wear it even without the phone mounted on it! But that won’t happen because this ingenious invention offers so many conveniences:

    Mode 1 – Ready/Aim/Fire!
    Tired of missing the perfect photo-opportunity while fumbling in your pockets for your for your smartphone? Conveniently suspended at eye-level, you will never miss another shot. Hitting the power button and triggering the shutter was never easier with the convenience of one or two handed operation.

    Mode 2 – 100% Selfie-Ready
    Does your arm tire after extended sessions of taking those hilarious selfies you love to send to all your friends and post publicly on social media? The zero gravity support let you save all your energy for clicking the shutter as opposed to aiming holding the camera aloft. Plus, once positioned to capture the perfect angle to highlight your stunning facial features, the strong boom will keep the camera in position until you choose to try your other profile!

    Mode 3 – Split-Screen/Constant Video
    Have an unlimited data plan? forget about the tiresome chore of remembering what you did on your trip, simply set your phone to a split screen view using both the front and back cameras to stream a continuous video of your trip from beginning to end. Just imagine how your friends (and stalkers) will enjoy experiencing your vacation in real time – seeing not only what you are seeing, but also how you are reacting – or viewing it over and over for years to come as they live vicariously through you and your awesome life!

    A product so revolutionary, you may never want to carry your phone in your hand or clothing again!

    Adjustable to hat sizes 6 3/4 to 8.

    Price: $199.50. Save $50 when ordering three or more.

  321. patricia shaffery|

    I saw a shower head in LED colors!!

  322. Larrissa|

    skyrest travel pillow

  323. Bill Medlin|

    blow up plastic tree

  324. Shannon|

    A mustache for your dog. Sigh.

  325. jari holland buck|

    I saw a dog or cat you attach to your key chain that barks or meows when you make a certain noise (don’t remember what noise).

  326. Chris Bradford|

    The most ridiculous thing I’ve seen is the SkyRest travel pillow that blows up big enough to wrap your arms around. If I ever see anyone actually break this out on a plane, I’ll eat my hat.

  327. Jacob|

    You can’t beat the Ostrich Travel Pillow.

  328. jazzngas|

    air sickness bags

  329. Victor|

    cat toilet training kit.

  330. Theresa M. Camil|

    Cat Toilet Training System !!!

  331. Susan OHara|

    We saw a helmet that claimed to grow back your hair! My son was inspired, came home and outfitted his hockey helmet with LED lights and a red Staples “Easy” button. Its wrapped and under the tree for his dad….

  332. Carrie|

    A pillowcase with built in hoodie. Who is buying this stuff?

  333. CasSandra|

    evil gnomes. WHY?

  334. Biggles209|

    I wonder if I could get away with a beverage bra?

  335. DonnaMak|

    Weirdest thing ever? Roswell, the alien butler.

  336. CaroleZoom|

    A private island

  337. Bill Medlin|

    plastic blow-up tree

  338. Julie G.|

    I, too, found the beard hat to be the freakiest product in the Sky Mall catalogue. Because nothing says “Freak out the TSA for Christmas” like a hat with a fake beard attached.

  339. Christina|

    An iron press for slacks only

  340. Maciek|

    Solar Powered FlashLight.

  341. Levi East|

    I would cry from Happiness if I won this.
    And Am I THE ONLY Person who has seen the Ostrich Pillow?
    I am embarrassed for the people in the ad. but that doesn’t mean i didn’t giggle a little ;)

  342. Jean|

    A 3-step pet ramp staircase.

  343. Christel|

    Just random things that are supposed to fit over any of your limbs or joints while in-flight.

  344. Janet|

    I literally laughed out loud when I saw this one in the in-flight magazine: “Beer Pager – When you press the button, the beer holder burps to alert you of the drink’s whereabouts.”
    Believe me, I know a couple of guys who would gladly order that thing!

  345. Jeremy Foster|

    I always enjoyed the self-cleaning litter box. Perfect for vacations, to be honest, but a bit over the top in reality!

  346. Deborah Shadovitz|

    So many to choose from… neck pillows for when you sleep sitting on the plane. I bet they’re comfortable, but then they require most of your carry-on space. But oh, a hundreds of dollars inflatable movie screen! Maybe that was the one that was most fun for me. I’m not sure about the $600+ suitcase that heats up to kill bed bugs… it might be a good idea but can luggage really heat to close to 200 degrees?

  347. Eric Luxon|

    OK, I’m so embarrassed to say this because my ex-wife bought me: The Torso Toner from the Sky Mall magazine after I started to gain weight. The sad fact is I was laughing at this in the Sky Mall magazine on our way to Maui and I wanted to share it with my wife but she was sleeping and I forgot to show her. The Torso Toner showed up two weeks after we got back from Maui. Yes it fit, Yes, it worked until I kept gaining weight and I couldn’t breathe anymore.

  348. Anonymous|

    I got a kick out of the beverage bra… mine would be filled with coffee since I MUST. HAVE. CAFFEINE. loll ;D

  349. German Lopez|

    The “only in the air” product that i always think about as soon as i pick up that magazine, is Tony Little and his Gazelle LOL

  350. Larrissa|

    Huge oddly shaped travel pillow.

  351. Stephen D|

    The statue of bigfoot is pretty crazy.

  352. Dani|

    A remote control plant!

  353. Kami Dumis|

    I have cats so the one that I have seen for years is Easy! Toilet Train your Cat! I’ve tried it, NEVER gonna work! Then all those ingenious ways to hide a litter box (in your end tables, I think not). And numerous easy ways to scoop or not scoop!

  354. kim compton (@comptonka1)|

    I have dogs that can’t stand the cold so the doggie bed that warms up is perfect for me

  355. Rebecca Reinwalt|

    The funniest product would have to be the beverage warming bra.

  356. Jason E Woods|

    My only in the air product? a non fogging bathroom mirror that also plays TV, displays the weather, traffic updates, everything I need to know in the morning prior to heading out.

  357. Nancy Reid|