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As I’ve said time and again, you should not hoard your loyalty points. My philosophy is that you should earn all the miles and points you can by flying, staying and renting with the same operators, and then spend those points on free or discounted travel. Though I have plenty of strategies for getting the most out of points, it’s important not to save for so long that that they’re devalued or they expire, and to not fall into the trap of waiting for a better time to redeem your points, as there may not be one.

Of course, when you have one million points in your account, you don’t have to worry about striking this balance quite as much. And that’s exactly how many Hertz is about to give away—to one person, in one go.

As part of the Great Gold Giveaway, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members who rent a car from Hertz by the end of the year (by midnight on December 31, 2017) will be entered to win a million Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. If you’re not a member of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program, just sign up for free before you book.

What can you do with one million Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points? Thanks to a number of large-scale partnerships with airline and hotel operators around the world, a lot—for both business and leisure travel. Here’s what those points will get you in Hertz’s award-winning awards program:

  • 30+ roundtrip domestic flights
  • 200 hotel nights
  • Up to four years of car rentals

That’s thousands of dollars, and up to tens of thousands of dollars, in travel savings. Even the very best credit card sign-up bonuses don’t come close to that return! (Note: If you’re interested in credit cards and can pay off your bills each month, check out the current card offerings out there.)

Regardless of whether you take home winnings in the Great Gold Giveaway or not, you should sign up for your rental company’s free loyalty program (like Hertz Gold Plus Rewards) anyway, just as you would with an airline or a hotel company. These days, failing to log your travel spending with the appropriate loyalty program means lost travel savings and benefits later. Many hotel loyalty programs, which are also free to sign up for, will even give you free Wi-Fi just for being a member of their programs.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards has its own perks, as well. If you’re a Gold Plus Rewards member, you can skip the counter at more than 50 airports worldwide and go directly to your vehicle, which is totally worth it because, according a survey from Hertz, long lines (26%) were one of the biggest annoyances of business travel for those surveyed. At top U.S. airport locations, members can also take advantage of Hertz Ultimate Choice and choose the vehicle they want to drive and receive free upgrades when they reserve a mid-size vehicle or larger.

For six years in a row, Hertz has received the FlyerTalk Award for “Best Rewards Program” in the Drive category. So, if you rent a car from Hertz before the end of the year, even if you don’t win the one million points you’ll be signed up to earn and later redeem through a solid program. You’ll also have a chance at more than 1,000 runner-up prizes.

If you do take home the grand prize goldmine of points, well…take my advice: Don’t hoard them and have fun spending them all!

Win 1,000,000 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points (grand prize) or one of more than 1,000 runner-up prizes (like free multi-day rentals).

Rent a car from Hertz between now and December 31, 2017, to be entered to win.

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See the contest page here.


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