Let’s say you’re a United Airlines Mileage Plus junkie, like I used to be and many travelers are. Most members of one particular airline’s frequent flier program are so single-minded, that they only price out tickets on that particular airline website. And that’s a HUGE mistake. Here’s why.

Take for example my experience today, while looking to get a one-way ticket from Los Angeles to Toronto for my wife in a few weeks. United.com was showing non-stops for $525 but when I checked other websites, the price dropped to $347. The craziest part is that it was for the exact same flight. You see, United doesn’t fly nonstop between Los Angeles and Toronto. Instead they sell tickets on their codeshare and Star Alliance partner Air Canada. See screenshot below.

UnitedMost savvy travelers know there’s not one website out there that has the absolute cheapest price for airfares, hotels, car rentals, cruises and package deals, so the trick is to do your research and check them all (including travel agents) to see who has the best deal at that moment in time. Prices can vary greatly even for the same flights.

Imagine saving almost $200 per ticket just by spending a minute of your time? It’s amazing isn’t it? Especially for a family of four. Even better, frequent flier members still earn their miles.

So my point is to not let the airlines rip you off! Price out fares using multiple search engines. We have an excellent one on JohnnyJet.com and I’m not even trying to get you to book on them. I just want you to see for yourself how much money you can save. In fact, price it out on our site and then go to that particular airline to book with them.

11 Comments On "Why You Shouldn’t Price Out Tickets From Airline Websites"
  1. Jackie|

    Hi Johnny, just found your website, thx to Leo lapprt on KFI radio. Well I fly Delta, A lot and only because I get the mileage so I can get a free ticket to visit relatives in MPls. Mn. Can I still use other websites with cheaper tickets and still receive the miles added to my Delta sky miles?
    Thx Jackie

    1. Johnny Jet|

      HI Jackie,

      You can but Delta has the worst frequent flier program to redeem free tickets. See this https://johnnyjet.com/2012/12/why-delta-has-the-worst-frequent-flyer-program/

    2. J Weiss|

      Using a US Bank Flex Perks card, I can book tickets on Travelocity and still get Delta credit. And Flex uses Travelocity as its booking partner for the points that accumulate with card usage, too. As a small business owner, this card works great for us.

  2. Richard|

    I use my AA and UA miles only for upgrading to 1st Class on US long haul flights (say EWR to LAS) and Business for flights to Europe (say JFK to Zurich). The ease of doing this on UA’s website or calling AAdvantage after checking on Expert Flyer outweighs any savings there would be trying to book the coach tickets and then trying to get the upgrade.

  3. Jackie|

    Hi Johnny, yes your right, don’t know why I didn’t use the other airline sites like the ones you listed, I just thought I wouldn’t get any miles with another airline besides Delta..I have checked out that app. ON THE FLY which is usually the same price as the Delta website . Guess I was listening to the Frugal Travel Guy too much…lol I think he works for Delta as much as he plugs that airline…
    Thx Jackie

  4. Anonymous|

    Hello Johnny, just found out about your site via Leo Leoparte show. Hope to use it more.

  5. Anonymous|


  6. Bobbie deRuiter|

    JJet…just read your article about “why you shouldn’t price out tickets from Airline websites” Truer words were never spoken, thats why I have subscribed to you JJ for a long time. Great stuff Johnny and thanks for being unbiased

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you for the kind words and support

  7. Anonymous|

    Hi, Johnny. I still have a few hundred thousand Delta FF miles to use, which won’t take long the way they keep escalating the requirements. Question is this: I fly between HAM and CVG with one stop in CDS most of the time when I travel. Which airline’s FF program(s) would you suggest for me? I try to avoid Chicago and NY when I can, and that flight through Paris is dandy.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      If you don’t want to go through ORD or NYC then best to stick with CDG (Not sure what CDS is)

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