Last night I was supposed to attend a fun industry event and all attendees were required to download the CLEAR app and upload their CDC vaccination card (similar to traveling to Hawaii). I downloaded it months ago and then entered the unique event code they sent.

One of the standard survey questions is: In the past 10 days have you experienced any of the following new or worsening symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, persistent cough, runny nose, loss of taste or smell)? See screenshot below.

Of course, I answered this question ‘yes’ because I had a fever nine days ago (I wrote about my symptoms here) so it flagged my Attendee Health Pass, which uses your photo and a QR entry code. It’s supposed to have a green border but mine was flashing red so I knew I was going to be denied entry.

I was very disappointed since I was 99% sure I didn’t have COVID-19 as I just tested last week and my daughter was tested two days ago and I haven’t been anywhere except a quick trip to the grocery store.

I contacted the organizers, who said I could still go if I got another COVID-19 test but I only had a few hours until the event and didn’t have time to run out to get a test.

Moral of the story: Keep some rapid COVID-19 tests at home (you can buy them on Amazon or any pharmacy).

It was too bad I didn’t get to go to the event but I understand that this is the new normal and I’m okay with it as long as we stop the spread of viruses.

3 Comments On "Why I Got Denied Entry From An Industry Event Last Night"
  1. Ram Suntha|

    Even though, you were denied entry, and could not prove 100% negative, you did the right thing, and be proud of being honest. Nothing else matters.

  2. Retired Gambler|

    You are more honest than I am. I always answer “no” regardless of any symptoms I may have had provided I have recovered from whatever symptoms may have existed. I also have home COVID tests I take if I’m really concerned. Sorry but many times people would have to answer “yes” and it has absolutely nothing to do w COVID so easier to just lie and move along. BTW fully vaccinated and watch symptoms very closely plus take home COVID test if in doubt so sure, regardless of any symptoms I may have had, that I wasn’t infected or a threat to anyone. That is the main issue, not if you had a core through, cough or a slight fever 10 days ago.

  3. Kelly Loeffler|

    Glad the pandemic is over in your country and you can travel amd attend events like this. Wonder why they didn’t let you in since the pandemic is over where you are.

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