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Our good friends at Allianz Global Assistance recently collected more insight into the psyche of the American traveler, this time on the subject of cruising. From a survey of 1,883 Americans, the group learned that 66%—a full two-thirds—of Americans have never been on a cruise. The reason? It varies:

  • 47% of non-cruisers reported it was because of prohibitive price or cost
  • 22% stated that cruises have a bad reputation or word of mouth
  • 10% cited a susceptibility to seasickness
  • 8% claimed a fear of getting ill or sustaining injury
  • 7% feared shipwrecks
  • And 6% said claustrophobia was to blame


It’s clear from Allianz’s findings that there is a large chunk of potential American cruisers that the cruise industry is simply not reaching. The top two justifications from non-cruisers, in fact, which totaled 69%, concern price points and image, “pointing to the industry’s need to target cost conscious consumers and bolster cruising’s image.”

Said Joe Mason, Chief Marketing Officer at Allianz Global Assistance USA: “Cruises represent a significant travel investment, so it’s important that Americans protect that investment when they do book a cruise”—and to an extent, he’s right. Not everyone is a cruiser, but a good travel insurance policy like Johnny’s can go a long way to combatting some of the anxieties at least some potential cruisers face. Only 16% of cruisers purchased insurance according to the survey. And just as importantly:

  • 7.9% of people surveyed have been sick on a cruise
  • 1% have been injured on a cruise
  • 1.6% have missed a cruise due to flight cancelations or delays


Cruise, or don’t cruise—but if you choose not to out of a concern for your health or safety, make sure you’ve evaluated the risks in full.

Disclaimer: Johnny Jet works as an ambassador for Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company) and receives financial compensation.

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