I’m on a flight to….. Can you guess the airline and the type of plane?















* post your guess in the comments section on this post and stay tuned for more contests like this in the future — we may be giving prizes to the winners!


6 Comments On "Where's Johnny? Guess the airline!"
  1. Taylor|

    Trademark blue pillow suggests SQ – perhaps J on SQ25 JFK-FRA-SIN? :)

  2. Cynthia Scarborough|

    I doubt that you’re on any of the US carriers. Seat is way too large and comfy looking. Maybe Singapore Airlines? I’d love to travel on one of their aircraft.

  3. infamousdx|

    Agree with Taylor. Has to be the infamous SQ25! Saying goodbye to the 747?

  4. MM|

    Don’t think it’s SQ, not their colors, and doesn’t look like their 747s or 380s, that little seat wing thing is weird.

  5. Robert K|

    Most definitely SQ! Either SQ37 LAX-SIN or SQ25 EWR-SIN…single window seat

  6. Stacey|

    SQ Newark to Frankfurt

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