I’ve always recommended that American travelers look through the State Department’s catalog of information (not just travel advisories) for the country or countries they’ll be visiting. I learned this the hard way years ago after I was duped by some Hungarian girls into going to a bar that tricked tourists into spending 10 times what they should have on booze. Only afterwards did I see that exact scam (and bar) listed on the State Department’s page. Doh!

In this crazy day and age you can never be too safe or informed, so be sure to do your research!

3 Comments On "Where to Find Local Safety Tips"
  1. Anonymous|

    Curious that this website does not mention the November Paris attacks…Thanks State Department
    LAST UPDATED: JULY 29, 2015

  2. Daniel|

    Those are some good tips, and as we always say to own clients, safety if first.
    Unfortunately, too many people around the world are trying to take advantage of tourists.

    Best Regards,

  3. Barbara|

    I find the travel.state.gov site not very useful, but the UK one is fantastic I get more information from them. It even gives advice about the sports teams going from one European country to another to play. At first I thought it was useless since I don’t follow sports; however, I realized it gave me info about areas to stay away from on any given day because of the traffic and crowds. When in Europe I check it all the time. It is geared for UK citizens but gives very useful info for non citizens as well. I was in Europe during the Paris attacks and was made aware of the situation with their emails. I was grateful since I was in countries where I did not speak much of the local language so TV news wasn’t helpful. Received nothing from U.S. state department even though I had registered my travel plans with them.

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