The departures board at Chicago O'Hare (Credit: Spencer Marker)
The departures board at Chicago O’Hare (Credit: Spencer Marker)

It’s bound to happen. Sometimes airlines give us a reason to complain or give praise.

Your flight is delayed. Not once, but twice. And the airline “forgot” to re-book you, causing you to spend the night and change unexpectedly. Or your bags weren’t handled with care and were delivered to you not only ripped apart but also soaking wet, which ruined any chance of saving an item from inside. How about instead of being upgraded, the airline sold your seat to someone else, forcing you onto a later flight, which made you miss the important meeting, which resulted in you losing a big client?

Chicago O'Hare hustle and bustle (Credit: Spencer Marker)
Chicago O’Hare hustle and bustle (Credit: Spencer Marker)

On the other side of things, an airline could go above and beyond for you.

How about when they surprise you with an upgrade or the nice pilot helps you carry your child’s bag off the airplane? Maybe the gate agent gets you on a flight that looks like it’s sold out. Or the crew makes your day by being fun and cheerful.

Every career has people who are good at what they do…and people who are not so good at what they do. In order to applaud a much deserving crewmember or raise a concern about a situation that was really handled poorly, check out our directory for airline compliments and complaints.

Tip: While it sounds like common sense, writing a complaint without rude language and with a suggestion regarding how the airline can make it right goes a long way. If you spend a long time writing how the airline didn’t get something right, spend just as long on a suggestion regarding how they can make it right in the future for others, as well as how the airline can make it right with you now. Don’t forget to include specifics of the flight like date, time, flight number, and your frequent flier number.


Alaska Airlines


American Airlines/US Airways


Delta Airlines


Frontier Airlines

  • Phone: 801-401-9000 (first say “other options” and then say “feedback and concerns”)
  • Email/online form:
  • Twitter: @frontiercare
  • Address: Customer Relations, Frontier Airlines, P.O. Box 492085, Denver, CO 80249
  • Additional help: Baggage service at




Hawaiian Airlines

  • Phone: 888-246-8526
  • Email/online form:
  • Twitter: @HawaiianAir (they don’t use Twitter much for customer service)
  • Address: Consumer Affairs Office, P.O. Box 30008, Honolulu, HI 96820
  • Additional help: Baggage service at 866-389-6654


Southwest Airlines

  • Phone: 800-IFLY-SWA; 855-234-4654
  • Email/online form: (click “email us” on left side of screen)
  • Twitter: @SouthwestAir
  • Address: P.O. Box 36647-1CR, Dallas, Texas 75235
  • Additional help:


Spirit Airlines


United Airlines


Virgin America


Tip: One final note: Complaining to airlines about flight delays due to weather is probably a waste of time. And telling the airline, “I talked to my sister who lives near the airport and she says the weather is fine” will probably not help your fight with the airline since your sister may not be as much of an expert on weather as air traffic control.

Sometimes, really, delays are out of everyone’s control. But when situations seriously need to be fixed, voice your concern.


Happy airline venting and compliment giving! Find a way to get ahold of an airline not listed above? Email us or tell us below in the comments.

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