I’m presently flying across the country on American Airlines and the person sitting behind was just clipping her nails and not picking them up. I think that’s pretty damn nasty and a bunch of people who follow me on Twitter and Facebook do too. I’ve obviously seen much worse but was wondering what’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen a passenger do on a plane? Please leave your comment below so everyone can see it and not just me.

6 Comments On "What's The Worst Thing You've Seen Passengers Do On Plane"
  1. Charyn Pfeuffer|

    It grosses me out when parents change their baby’s diaper on the folding tray table. Yes, I get that some airlines don’t have baby changing stations in their teeny tiny bathrooms, but don’t subject fellow passengers to your kid’s stinky mess. Nasty.

  2. Jen Pollack Bianco|

    I once saw someone use the tray table as a changing table. It was very icky and they didn’t even wipe it down afterwards. BTW, we were mid-taxi and almost at the gate.

  3. Jenny|

    I once saw a guy picking lice out of a woman’s hair on a plane. Everyone had to deplane so they could sanitize everything. Gross.

    1. Diane|

      Eeww. As gross as the other replies are, I think you “win”!

  4. Anonymous|

    Well at least once they clip their nails, they will Not be able to pick their nose….

  5. Micki @ TheBarefootNomad|

    Paint their toenails. Years ago, on a flight through Salt Lake City. Though the fumes made my mid-flight beer unnecessary…

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