Here’s something you don’t see every day … and that’s a good thing! In fact, thankfully, I’ve never seen a ceiling panel on an airplane fall down but one did on June 1, on a Delta Air Lines flight from Honolulu to Minneapolis.

A ceiling panel fell off on a recent Delta Air Lines flight.Marisa K. Walton captured the video of flight attendants rushing to push a fallen ceiling panel back in on a Boeing 767-300 aircraft. It doesn’t look like it’s dangerous unless it were to hit someone on the head or the wires were to break. The good news is that it happened on landing (must have been a hard one!) and it doesn’t appear anyone was hurt.

According to FlightAware, DL309 departed HNL five minutes early at 4:23pm and landed eight hours later in MSP at 5:31am local time. Screenshot above.


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I found the video (embedded above) on Instagram, shared by Pubity. I was hoping for some expert explanations about why it happened but account that posted the video asked for wrong answers only, although one commenter, who said he was an aircraft interior mechanic, had this to say:

aarondent7717: So this is a PSU unit it contains things like your personal ventilation and flight attendant call buttons. As well as your oxygen mask if the cabin was to depressurize. So, while it may look bad, this is relatively harmless unless it were to fall on someone. This is an easy fix and happens fairly often as the clips that hold them in often get broken if passengers mess with them. How do I know this, I work on them every day as an aircraft interior mechanic.

Some of the other comments are pretty funny:

stealing_sanity: I was on the plane. It was just missing some screws. The thingamajig fell on a kids head but it wasn’t serious. We got some tape and put it back the best we could and then took off without any further issue until about 20 minutes after takeoff it fell again. We decided to just leave it and the passenger got a free credit for his beverage.

teddymonstar1: Whats Boeing on here?

esskaynine: When Boeing and Ikea collab

eddy_ch77: Someone didn’t put their phone in airplane mode.

bissellliz: Can you please pull over to the nearest cloud so I can get off. 😜

Thankfully, the incident appears to be a non-event, which is how you want every flight to be. But I bet everyone is happy this happened on landing and not on takeoff or worse, over the Pacific.


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