You can walk rescue dogs and pay vet bills with Free Animal Doctor

If you love animals, you’ll love what Free Animal Doctor is doing. In short, Free Animal Doctor crowd-funds veterinary bills to help families pay for their pets to receive medical treatment. Too many pet-owners don’t have the money to help or even save their pets. Free Animal Doctor, wonderfully, is helping to change that.

When you visit the site, you’ll see listings of animals in need that you can give to. Each animal has a name, a photo, a story, and a named veterinarian (plus an estimate for treatment), plus a secure portal through which you can donate to it. And like other crowd-funding services, with Free Animal Doctor you can see each campaign’s progress toward its goal. A three-legged dog named Rocky, for example, is listed like this (you can click for more info):

To start your own campaign to raise money for your pet, meanwhile, you can head to this page.

Where does the money go?

Free Animal Doctor is a non-profit incorporated in California. The service charges no fees and requires (and ensures) that all donations go directly to the vet assigned to the medical services.

You can also walk rescue dogs in California

The above is amazing in itself, but Free Animal Doctor offers another cool service for animal-lovers: walks with rescue dogs! The organization partners with animal rescue shelters to offer experiences that you can book on Airbnb for $50/person in (so far):

Each experience, of course, lets you walk with rescue dogs—and in beautiful parts of California. Walks are offered on most Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and last about two hours each. Each is bookable on Airbnb via the above links.


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2 Comments On "You Can Walk Rescue Dogs and Help Pay Veterinary Bills With Free Animal Doctor"
  1. Ava Garcia|

    This is AWESOME! I have worked and trained with so many dogs that had behavior problems related to their health and most of the time, the owners were simply unaware due to the price of doggy checkups.. This is amazing and will help SO many pups and owners alike!

  2. Ava Garcia|

    A great news! I hope it will help more dogs because as a trainer walking your dogs can help them develop good behavior.

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