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Ever wonder how many countries you have visited? Maybe you lose track of that place or country you want to travel to but keep forgetting to check out? Visited can help you keep track of your travel journey and inspire you to complete your travel bucket list.

The creators of Visited first designed the app to keep a journal of their trips and experiences, as they have visited over 69 countries themselves. They soon realized, though, that Visited could do so much more. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular travel apps on the market.

Visited started out with a simple idea; creating a Scratch Map of places that one has been to. However, it was not enough to simply visualize one’s travel abilities. So, to expand the functionality of Visited, a count of all countries been to was created. Now you can see additional stats such as the percentage of the world visited, what percentage of the US or other countries and the number of states or cities visited, as well as a ranking system to compare against other travelers.

Due to the pandemic, a new city map was introduced to focus on regional travel. This allows users to map all cities that they have visited or wish to visit in the future on a global map.

Additional features include famous lists such as a list of world wonders, inspirational pictures of locations around the world, and a way to track experiences that one may have had or wants to have at a destination.

Visited Features
Unlike other travel apps, Visited allows you to relive past adventures, discover new places, and outline your specific travel goals. By allowing users to do the following, learn why Visited gets used by over a million travelers:

Map Your Travels: With the Scratch Map feature, you may create your customized travel map by displaying countries, states, provinces, regions, and cities from places you have visited or want to visit.

Draw Inspiration: Create a wish list for your next vacation by looking through hundreds of photos of famous and not-so-famous places.

Track Your Travel Experiences and Bucket List: Keep track of where you have gone golfing, snorkeling, diving, skiing, wine touring, and other activities by country. Select all the countries across the world that you want to visit to keep up with your travel life goals. Add notes about your vacation dates, sites of interest, or personal memories to your travel journal by country.

Get Personalized Travel Stats: Share your statistics with others! You can share your travel ranking, as well as the percentage of the world you have seen and the countries you have visited. You may also check your top five most visited countries on Visited.

Are you looking to expand your traveling adventures and keep track of your travel goals all while creating a beautiful map of your experiences? Visited makes the perfect app for travelers of all kinds from weekend adventures to full-blown travel vacations! Download your very own free customized travel app, on iOS or Android today.

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