Video of severe turbulence on ALK flight
Photo by Inactive. on Unsplash

There’s always a risk of turbulence when you fly. As our resident pilot has written, it’s more common in certain conditions, but whenever you’re seated on a flight, you should keep your seatbelt on for safety, even if the seatbelt light is turned off. If the light is turned on, you should already know that your seatbelt should be snugly buckled.

A scary video from a flight last week shows why turbulence is dangerous. Today’s planes can handle even the most severe turbulence; the danger is that those onboard, if not strapped in, might be injured by a sudden movement. This movement, aboard an ALK (a Bulgarian airline) flight from Kosovo to Switzerland, makes my hands sweat and stomach sick (there is audio, so you may want to turn your volume down):


I know this sort of turbulence is extremely rare, but it can happen, and so I felt it was important to share the video to illustrate why you should always wear your seatbelt when flying. It also shows how vulnerable flight attendants are to injury. When the captain turns on the seatbelt sign, honor it.




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