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This video of people getting blown back at Maho Beach next to St. Maarten’s airport is a few years old but it’s resurfaced this week as airport officials consider putting a stop to the daredevil practice. This all comes after a 57-year-old New Zealand tourist died suffering injuries a few weeks ago.

According to The Washington Post, “At the time of the incident, the unidentified woman had been hanging onto the fence along with several others, according to a statement from the Police Force of Sint Maarten. As a large plane was taking off, the woman was “blown away by the jet blast and was seriously injured,” police said.”

I’ve been to the airport (SXM) before and would’ve loved to have experienced huge planes flying overhead, but I didn’t have the desire or balls of getting blown back by the jet engines. Have you done it?

H/T to One Mile at a Time.

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  1. Niall d'Christopher|

    Anyone … ANYONE, who does this is a moron.

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