Antarctica is the only continent I haven’t been to, so I’m fascinated by it. Last week Australian researchers revealed the unseen world under Antarctica’s ice, and the footage is amazing.

The video was recorded under the sea at O’Brien Bay, near Casey Research Station in eastern Antarctica. To get the footage researchers had to cut open a deep hole into the ice and drop in an underwater probe. Soon after they cut the hole a curious seal swam up and greeted the scientists. As you will see in the short video above, the probe’s footage shows a thriving ecosystem living under the ice, full of starfish, sponges, algae, and worms.

Have you been? Is it worth the trip across Drake’s Passage?

H/T to ABC 7 Los Angeles.

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  1. Sandy|

    I have been to Antarctica and Yes, it is well worth it. But if you’re going there, try to include a trip to South Georgis Island as well. When I went our tour included the Falklands and South Georgia so you only have to cross Drake’s passage once. The animals and scenery are unbelievably beautiful. There are few places I have visited that I want to return to, but I would go back to Antarctica any time.

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