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Short bio: Four-time Emmy-award winning director and host Joseph Rosendo began his career as a travel journalist and broadcaster in 1980. Since 2007, he has hosted, directed and written Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope, the award-winning travel television series. Joseph and the television series have been awarded six Emmys, 19 Emmy nominations. The series airs on PBS and Public Television stations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in numerous international markets and streams worldwide on Amazon. Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope persists to persevere in being one of the most entertaining, informative and thoughtful programs on television.

Twitter: @JosephRosendo
YouTube: Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Residence: Topanga, CA
College: Florida State University, undergraduate, and UCLA, graduate school
College major: Theater with English & Education minors
How are you doing with quarantine? See video
When or what will it take to get you to fly again? I’ve already flown between San Jose and Los Angeles for family reasons. Going back to work to produce Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope television shows would be a main motivator for new travel. I will fly again as soon as the EU opens up their countries to Americans, which, unfortunately and intelligently, I doubt they will do any time soon.
How many countries have you been to? 93
How many continents have you been to? 6
Earliest travel memory: See video
Favorite American city: NYC, Los Angeles, San Antonio
Favorite international city: Paris, Taipei, Cartagena…
Friendliest people in the world: Cuba, Canada and Mexico
Country with the meanest immigration officers: Israel and USA immigration officers in Canada
Favorite U.S. airport: LAX
Favorite international airport: Taipei
Sat next to any famous celebs: Had Oliver Stone on my flight once
Favorite restaurant: The Inn of the Seventh Ray in my hometown Topanga, CA; James Beach in Greater Los Angeles – located in Venice, CA and the Sea Bar Paris Peche in Paris for the best oysters, Sancerre deal – these are places I’ve gone to often and make a special trip to visit – my definition of a Favorite restaurant.
Craziest thing you’ve eaten: Flying Fish sperm on Orchid Island, Taiwan with the Tao indigenous people of Taiwan during their Flying Fish festival.
Favorite hotel: Hotel Tugu Bali on Canggu Beach in Bali; Joye House in the Hakka village of Sanyi, Taiwan – both offered authentic cultural experience as part of your stay.
Favorite travel credit card: Citibank Visa from Costco (here’s our review)
Favorite island: Cuba
Favorite travel movie: Lost In America with Albert Brooks
Favorite travel show: Barefeet with Michaela and Canvasing The World – Julie Rosendo, Executive Producer
Favorite travel book:  Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain; Holy Cow – An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald; Musings – The Short Happy Pursuit of Pleasure and Other Journeys by Joseph Rosendo
Favorite travel bloggers/newsletters: (thanks for the nice plug)
Worst travel moment: See video
Most embarrassing travel moment: Getting locked out of my room naked and stranded in the hallway of a cruise ship
What’s your dream destination? New Zealand and Antarctica
What’s the most important thing travel has taught you: See video
Best travel tip: See video

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