These days, it’s difficult to keep up with all the domestic and international quarantine rules and restrictions, especially as some of them change weekly, if not daily. That’s why United Airlines has created an interactive tool to show where you can and cannot travel to within the United States.

The See What’s Open For Travel guide is a color-coded map compiled by Content Trip Solutions S.L. and tells users what’s open and what’s not. There are four colors in the legend:

  • Purple = Open to visitors
  • Light Grey = Open with restrictions
  • Dark Grey = Entry restrictions
  • White = No data available

Most of the states are currently coded purple and if you click them or scroll down, you will get more information like when the information was last updated, last reviewed, entry restrictions and the big three questions:

-Entry allowed without mandatory quarantine?
-Entry allowed without a medical certificate or negative COVID-19 test result?
-Entry allowed without mandatory forms or applications?

It also provides detailed information including a direct link to the state’s COVID-19 website to doublecheck on the rules.

The tool also alerts travelers to things to do in the state and what’s open with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer:
-Non-essential shops open
-Tourist accommodations open
-Restaurants open
-Bars and cafes open
-Museums & heritage sites open
-Face coverings required in public areas
-Social distancing required

This is a great addition to United’s website and a handy tool for travelers as long as the information is accurate. As always, I would doublecheck directly with the state’s website, which you can find here, and visit the CDC State and Territorial Health website for up-to-date restrictions.

For those traveling internationally, you can find the latest country-specific information through the U.S.. Department of State website.

2 Comments On "United Airlines Interactive Map Helps You Navigate Travel in the USA"
  1. Char|

    Is Mexico open from cali?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      The land border is not but you can fly there

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