The umbrella that won't turn inside-out

When The Wall Street Journal writes, “Structurally, the Blunt falls somewhere between suspension bridge and NASA space probe,” you listen. One of my top travel tips is to always carry an umbrella with you because in many destinations (ahem, London, Singapore, New York in the summer…) you just don’t know when you’ll need one. The problem with most umbrellas is that if it’s windy, they’ll end up going inside-out and breaking. According to Blunt’s website, “Every year over 700 million umbrellas end up in landfill, breaking in very ordinary weather conditions.” I believe it.

When I saw this Business Insider video of Blunton Twitter, I knew I had to get one and share these simple but beautiful umbrellas that are engineered from the inside out. The founder and creator Greig Brebner lived in London and New Zealand, so he knew firsthand about the perils of rain in a city. When he learned that the umbrella hadn’t been redesigned in over 200 years he went to the drawing board to create Blunt. It’s brilliant. Grab one on Amazon for $59.


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