With Uber banned in London, download GettUber was dealt a huge blow last week when London’s transport regulator rejected its application to renew its license to operate in the city. According to a statement in TechCrunch, the reasoning was that Uber is “not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence.” Uber is most likely going to appeal, but if it doesn’t get an extension you’ll want to download the Gett app. I’ve never used Gett but it’s available on both iOS and Android and it allows users to supposedly get a ride in a black cab in under three minutes. According to the site, Gett has nearly half of all black cabs in London on its platform.

The app has some of the same options that Uber does, with a carpool (Gett Together), Taxi, Taxi XL, and a delivery service. Come September 30, when Uber’s license is set to expire in London, I’m sure Gett is going to get a huge influx of business so wait times will no doubt increase. Let’s hope the city of London does renew Uber’s license because it has over 3.5 million users and around 40,000 drivers in London alone.

H/T to The Points Guy.

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1 Comment On "With Uber Banned in London, Download This App"
  1. lee laurino|

    for my past 4 trips to London i have used Addison Lee……….a private car company one of my hosts in London suggested, since she uses it all the time.
    1. the give you a time they will pick up
    2. a clean black car (often a xtra large) arrices.
    3. the fee is STATED WHEN YOU BOOK, so there is not upcharge for traffic or being driven around
    so far the comparison with the black cabs i have use (and they are still GREAT) has be comparable or slightly less
    as a solo traveler I prefer to have direct contact with the dispatcher who takes my name and location…………..
    you can also set up an account and not worry about cash when you reach your destination

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