If you’ve read the 17 Ways To Find Cheap Flights post then you probably already know these two tips. But since I have recent screenshots, I thought I would share them with you as a refresher since these tips can really save you a lot of money or miles.

1. Check Alternate Airports

I’m always preaching to check alternate airports (here’s my handy guide to alternate airports for US airports) because by just driving a short distance, you could save a ton of money or miles. I’ve always used flying into (or out of) South Florida as an example. Instead of only searching flights for Miami (MIA), check out Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) too, since it’s just 26 miles north and usually much cheaper. If you look at the screenshot above, I was pricing out a Los Angeles to New York flight recently, trying to use my American Airlines AAdvantage miles. As you can see, if I drove just 41 miles, I could save almost 60,000 miles. The practice is usually the same for saving money, not just miles.

Be Flexible With Times
Another travel tip to save money is to be flexible with times. I know some people say they want to leave at a specific time so they don’t have to wake up super early but just by going an hour (or three) earlier, as demonstrated in the flight above, saves you over 75,000 miles. Now that’s something I can wake up early for! You?


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