Paris PerfectWhile attending the ILTM conference last week in Cannes, France, Natalie and I met with our good PR buddy, Geoffrey Weill. He told us about his new client, which ended up sounding so good that we decided to take him up on an offer to experience what it’s like to rent an apartment from them…and boy, were we happy!

There are a lot of apartment rental options in Paris and throughout the world. With the explosion of online giants like Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway, the process of finding and booking accommodations has become easier and more affordable than ever. However, what makes Paris Perfect different is how they alleviate your worries about renting an apartment from a stranger. Here’s what I mean—and why my wife and I loved our Paris Perfect experience:

1. They are legitimate
I constantly read horror stories about how travelers are scammed by online vacation rental sites. With Paris Perfect, you don’t have to worry about someone scamming you with a fake rental or a place being advertised as something it’s really not. For starters, the company has been a long-standing member of the Better Business Bureau of Massachusetts. Their rentals have also been featured in numerous publications, magazines, TV features, and more, such as The New York Times, Travel + Leisure Magazine, BusinessWeek Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Rick Steves’ Paris, just to name a few.

2. They hand-select their luxurious apartments
Most of the places for rent on the big sites are people’s homes that they’re renting while they’re away so they can make some extra cash. That’s cool and all, but it also means that the degree of cleanliness and comfortable bedding differs greatly. Well, not with these guys since you’re renting an apartment that’s made for renting. The American owner of the apartment we stayed in hadn’t been there in over two years.

Since Paris Perfect hand-selects their apartments, the spaces are beautiful and impeccably designed. And they pick the best neighborhoods. Ours was in the 7th Arrondissement, which is one of (if not the) swankiest neighborhoods in Paris. Just two blocks from our apartment was Rue Cler, which is known for having the best outdoor markets in the city.

3. They have a local office
What really makes Paris Perfect special is that they have a local office in Paris that’s staffed by full-time people and open seven days a week to greet and help guests..

I remember when I rented an apartment in London from Airbnb, I was really worried about finding the apartment keys that the homeowner left somewhere outside while he was on a plane to Portugal. Luckily, I found them but if I hadn’t, or if I’d locked myself out, I would’ve been screwed.

With Paris Perfect, that wouldn’t happen, with their full-time office available and because a staff member greets each renter at their apartment. If we’d accidently locked the keys in the apartment, someone from their office only a few minutes down the road would have brought us another set.

4. They have incredible views
Almost all of their apartments have jaw-dropping views and ours was no exception. I could see the Eiffel Tower from our balcony, kitchen window and even the loo!

5. Free long-distance calling
It was a given that we would have free unlimited high-speed wireless internet, but I was surprised when our greeter said that most of their apartments, including the one we were in, had unlimited phone service to most foreign countries. That meant I was able to call the US and Canada like I was at home. It was awesome. Oh, and they also provide a complimentary welcome basket with a bottle of wine and starter amenities…

6. Detailed instructions and guides
Natalie and I really appreciated their booklets, which had detailed instructions on how everything from the dishwasher to the washing machines worked. On top of that, there was a list of important numbers from local taxis to hospitals. And they have a list of fabulous Paris resources, including restaurant recommendations and things to do.



Check out this view from our #Paris apartment! @parisperfectrentals! #ParisPerfect

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These are the main reasons I loved renting from Paris Perfect. But even if you don’t rent from them, I highly recommend you rent an apartment at least once instead of staying in a hotel since it’s a completely different experience. You really get to feel like a local, and in Paris, you aren’t in some tiny Parisian hotel room. There’s also a fully equipped kitchen in many apartments so you can make your own food or at least stock up the fridge with snacks and leftovers. We ate almost every meal in our apartment and loved it!

Our apartment: one of many
Paris Perfect has close to 100 luxurious apartments. They range in size from studios to three bedrooms. We were in one called Alsace with three bedrooms and three bathrooms (1,000 square feet) that sleeps six people. Prices range from €496 per night in the low season to €896 per night in the high season. Here’s a map of their options in Paris.

Good to know
There’s no smoking and there are no pets allowed in any of the Paris Perfect rentals. And they do have a strict cancelation policy so be sure to read it before booking.

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