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If you’ve traveled by train in Europe and the United States of America, you know trains, well, just aren’t that great in America. They’re not only expensive but they’re slow and unreliable, as well. For example, a train from NYC to Washington, DC costs at least $49 and takes three hours and 29 minutes, only 30 minutes less than driving. A train from Rennes to Paris, which is a similar distance costs just $30 USD (27 Euro) and takes only two hours and four minutes.

The United States’ one high-speed train, Acela, which travels in the Northeast Corridor, still isn’t much faster. Acela takes two hours and 50 minutes to travel between NYC and DC on a good day but costs $120. As you will see in the video, Turkey, Poland and Uzbekistan all have trains faster than America’s fastest, which doesn’t seem right. There are a lot of reasons why trains in America suck but none greater than the fact that it would cost way too much money to build it out. But this eight-minute video is well worth your time if you want to really understand why trains suck in America. I just hope Elon Musk’s 700 mph Hyperloop comes to fruition.

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