Last week a Sunwing passenger on a flight from Toronto to Panama captured dramatic cell phone video of a Canadian SWAT team storming onto a flight at Pearson International Airport after the returned to Toronto because a passenger onboard made a bomb threat. Personally I think the SWAT team might’ve overreacted but I’ll let you be the judge. From @NYCAviation, here’s analysis on the events from a Navy SEAL.

In happier news—here’s a video of a dog seeing its owner after being gone for over six months.

5 Comments On "Travel Video of the Week: SWAT Team Storms Toronto Plane"
  1. Andrew|

    You are entitled to your view – but I wonder what your view would have been if the outcome had been different. Your view is trite in the extreme. I’d rather be shouted at by police and walk away than be carried away on a stretcher or in a box. And that’s my view!

  2. Melinda|

    I am in total agreement with Andrew. I don’t see any overreaction on the part of the Canadian SWAT Team and I’m surprised that you do, JohnnyJet!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      They know where the passenger is sitting and he was unarmed. They didn’t need to come running down pointing their guns at every passenger. I’ve had flights when police officers had to remove a passenger and they didn’t do this. The guy who took the video on his cell phone is lucky he didn’t get accidentally shot.

  3. Melinda|

    Whether someone is armed or unarmed isn’t always visible to the naked eye and is not something that can be taken for granted.
    The passenger who videoed this on his cell was very foolish and careless.
    My main problem is with the shouted words upon the entry of the SWAT Team:
    “Hands up. Heads down.” “Heads up. Hands down.” ???
    I can see myself being so unnerved and confused that I would have done just the opposite of what they’re shouting! :(
    ….and then I’d be shot!

  4. Fausto Rowlan|

    I have to agree with JohhnyJet, it was at best an absurd overreaction by the SWAT team. The passenger in question had already settled down by the time the plane landed. Two uniformed officers could have quietly walked him out just as easily and without all the faux drama.

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