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A middle-aged wealthy Indian man is paying the price for reaching through the seat in front of him and inappropriately touching a young woman on an Indigo flight to Bhubaneswar. Since the woman knew the police wouldn’t do anything about the pervert’s misconduct, she decided to take action into her own hands by publicly shaming him on video. The video in which the man confesses and apologizes was uploaded on YouTube on Jan 31, 2015 with the following message:

“This is a forward by this brave girl of what happened in the indigo flight yesterday with her ! ‘This man on the seat behind mine, put his fingers in the seat gap to touch me!!! I was very shocked for sometime to react. By then the flight went to landing mode. Then the moment flight touched down, i got up. Saw his hand was again on the side ready to take up any opportunity to touch me!!! I created such a scene, humiliated him in front of the whole flight! He thought like usual girls will keep quiet and he can get away with this! I have lodged an FIR now! He is a very rich man of bhubaneswar and is now very humiliated in front of the people who know him. Cant believe the ordeal i had to go thru but being silent is a crime! The police officer was very helpful and the Indigo staff remained with me throughout. The man is under police custody currently. I clicked his pictures and made videos, shouted so loud that the entire plane came forward to see him! i made sure i humiliate him as much as possible because i know law will do nothing'”

The video has almost 3.5 million views already. I love her line, “You decided the action; I will decide the reaction.”

Hopefully, this will be a reminder to men to keep their paws off women.

2 Comments On "Travel Video of the Week: Indian Girl Confronts Her Alleged Harasser on Flight"
  1. Dan Nainan|

    Good for her. This kind of thing goes on in India all the time (and in the whole world for that matter.) Women are too afraid to speak up, and I don’t blame them. I’m glad this one did. Hopefully this video will stop this kind of behaviour, and encourage other women to speak up.

  2. Christina|

    This is AWESOME! Hopefully this will inspire other women and girls, or even men and boys to follow suit when this sort of abuse occurs.

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