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My wife sat me down the other day and told me I needed to watch Blackfish, the documentary on Sea World that originally aired on CNN. Within minutes I had seen my fill but it was enough to convince me that I won’t ever be going to Sea World again or publishing articles on their park. The trailer is above, but last I checked the film is available on Netflix as well as through other movie rental channels.

Have you seen Blackfish? What do you think?

2 Comments On "Travel Video of the Week: Blackfish"
  1. Sal|

    Saw the film a few months ago and I was disgusted with the way they maintain these animals. I felt guilty knowing I enjoyed a show or two in my life from Marineland to Seaworld,but from this point on I truly doubt I want to visit the amusement park knowing well what goes on behind the curtain. Then again we eat certain animals for our pleasure that some say are treated inhuman before it lands on our plate. I think we are all guilty in some way.

    Unfortunately Seaworld will continue using their prize male possession to continue breeding.

  2. gustheblacklab|

    I am glad you took the time to watch this. I think everyone should see this. I was born and raised in Florida and visited Sea World many times as a child and even a couple of times as an adult. I guess I always assumed the whales were there because they had been injured and could not be released back into the wild. Boy, was I naive!

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