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When was the last time you went on an epic adventure with your cab driver?

If that strikes you as unusual question, you need to watch the video above, which captures an amazing promotion from the minds of the seasoned adventurers at North Face. Here’s what happened: North Face dressed up an NYC cab—the #SeeForYourself cab—and drove it all around NYC. Passengers who hopped in were given a choice: Would you drop everything and go on an “adventure”?

Everyone getting in a cab is going somewhere, and for some of the passengers in the video, that somewhere was work, a flight to catch, etc. But those who accepted made a good choice, as they were driven in the #SeeForYourself cab to some of our country’s most beautiful pockets—and not just close ones. The destinations included Rockaway Beach, NY (24 miles from NYC); the Gunks, NY (85 miles from NYC); Windham Mountain, NY (143 miles from NYC); and Canyonlands, UT (2138 miles from NYC!).

I’d guess that most of us wish we could go adventuring more, that we had the chance to see and engage with more of our country (and world). Well, not only does this promotion make for a great video (like Heineken Departure Roulette), but it’s also a reminder that we can do that. Maybe not on work days, but we can. And if North Face did take us surfing at an empty Rockaway Beach on a whim, on a work day, I bet we’d all feel something like the girl who said yes to that adventure:

“I woke up this morning thinking it was just going to be another normal day, but right now I’m feeling totally invigorated.”

Would you have said yes? Where would you find adventure in the US? #SeeForYourself at


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