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My buddy Dan Nainan just took advantage of an unofficial status match program offered by Turkish Airlines. It’s a great program if you’re eligible, and to be eligible, all you need is:

  1. A frequent flier status card at the Star Alliance Gold level equivalent (50,000 miles) with another Star Alliance carrier or a Oneworld or Skyteam carrier.
  2. A screenshot/PDF print of your online account summary with the other program.
  3. A Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles account in the same name of your competitor account.


If you’re approved, you’ll obtain Star Alliance Gold status (for two years) for no extra cost, which means, among other things, free access to Turkish lounges, United Airlines lounges domestically and more. Natalie and I both have it, and Natalie is even able to use hers to gain access to Air Canada’s lounges. Here’s how the status match program works, courtesy of Canadian travel blog Don’t Call the Airline (and later, Mighty Travels). It’s worth noting that you may need to have activity in your account from the past two months, but in any case, if you hold status at the 50,000-mile level, make sure to give it a look!

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