Toilet buttonsToilet Flush Buttons
When I first traveled to Australia, I was confused as to why the toilets there (and it turns out all over the world) had two buttons (I know, I’m a little slow). Eventually, I figured it out: The larger button is for a bigger flush (more water) and the smaller one is for a smaller flush (less water). Sometimes, the smaller button doesn’t do a good enough job, so you end up pressing the larger one anyway—but still a good fact if you didn’t know it.



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3 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Toilet Flush Buttons"
  1. Yena|

    I never really thought about the fact that I didn’t see these everywhere else in the world – we Aussies are on a mission to save water!

  2. PamF|

    The UK has had those two button flushers at least as far back as 1981. I remember trying to find that set up for home and the hardware stores here looked at me like I had two heads. Such a smart idea.

    If it’s yellow, it’s mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down!!

  3. GREEN|

    Small button used for men’s pee (sorry). In japan the handle is often moved one way for that and the other way for major flushing. Saves water, we need this in our California homes. Sometimes you can also mimic it by careful handle manipulation (only if you are a gamer, probably)

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