Pepe'sThe Best Pizza in the World?
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Two weeks ago I was in my home state of Connecticut hanging out with my dad, friends and family. While there, my dad, my buddy Mike and I went to Pepe’s Pizzeria for the first time since I was a kid. The original is in New Haven but they have since expanded, and there’s now one in Fairfield, Connecticut (238 Commerce Drive; 203-333-7373), just a few blocks off Exit 25 on I-95. If you ever find yourself driving from New York to Boston or vice-versa, I highly recommend you make a pitstop to try what is, in my humble opinion, the best pizza in the world. Although they’re famous for their white clam pizza (I’m not into clams), their margherita is well worth the drive. Here’s the menu.

Have you been to Pepe’s Pizzeria? Is it the best pizza in the world—and if not, what is?



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9 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: The Best Pizza in the World?"
  1. Gordy Yates|

    Like, is it American-style or what? I really like authentic Italian pizza, but I like American if the crust is thick and/or crizpy. So what’s the taste/texture, etc. (I talk about Italy in this post, but my take on Italian pizza is at the bottom)

  2. Deena|

    Also one in Manchester, CT, not far off Interstate 84

  3. Terry|

    Pepe’s terrific! Don’t forget the Pepe’s location in the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, CT!

  4. Astrid Falkenberg|

    Can’t say I have been to Pepe’s Pizzeria, but it sure looks good..:) But you ought to try Pizzeria daMichele in Napoli. Pizza in Napoli is famous and this one is awesome. Try it and let us know…:)

  5. Brian B|

    Nope. Best pizza is at Delmar Pizza, 1668 Sheepshead Bay Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11235

  6. Jan Sagnella|

    You are 100% correct! I was born and raised in the New Haven area and grew up on Pepe’s Apizza. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh and Phoenix (my current home) and tried many pizzas but they have never matched a Pepe’s pizza. The lines of people who wait 1-2 hours to get in on weekends says it all. Even if you are not into clams, you really should try the white clam pizza just once. It is out of this world! I am happy to report that a friend from Connecticut who now lives in Boca Raton, Florida recently informed me that a former Pepe’s employee opened “Nick’s New Haven Style Pizzeria and Bar” and that it is just like eating at the original Pepe’s. The website is I’m heading there for a visit in November, and it is definitely on my “go to” list.

  7. CL|

    Donatos Pizza is my favorite. Is a regional chain around Indianapolis.

  8. Lanny|


    I suspect there are many opinions on the best pizza in the world, but unlike you, I have not eaten pizza all over the world, so I’ll not render that particular opinion. I have, however, eaten a lot of pizza in various places, and the best by far for me was the deep dish variety at the larger of two Antonio’s restaurants on Catalina Island. I strongly recommend it.

  9. Chuck|

    Even though I live in Chicago, I’m actually not a big fan of deep dish pizzas. I personally prefer thin crust pizzas. I recently traveled abroad for the first by myself to Paris. For that reason, I started my own blog Any feedbacks or advice for my blog are welcomed as I just started it few weeks ago, thanks Johnny!

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