Drive to Saratoga Springs

Take a Screenshot of Directions
I recently went on a mini roadtrip with my dad and best friend to Saratoga Springs, New York (here’s more about our getaway). Getting there from where my dad lives in Connecticut takes about three hours, and I used a combination of Waze and Google Maps to navigate. Right after picking my route, I tapped to see the step-by-step directions and took a screenshot. It was a good thing I did that because during one stretch we went through an area without cell reception, I couldn’t access Waze’s directions. But because I’d taken a screenshot, I was able to access the directions from my photo gallery. This trick (when you turn on airplane mode, especially) can also help you save your phone’s battery life.



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1 Comment On "Travel Tip of the Day: Take a Screenshot of Directions"
  1. Marc|

    I always do this when I travel overseas to avoid roaming charges.

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