TagTag Your Bags
This is a simple tip. Every time I travel and check a bag, I see that almost everyone has a black bag that’s about the same shape and size. So you don’t get your bag mistakenly taken by someone else, get a brightly colored luggage tag or tie something colorful on it like a piece of yarn to make your suitcase stand out in the crowd.



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6 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Tag Your Bags"
  1. HeidiFlights|

    As an agent – I advise my clients not to use Huge pieces of Yarn or Super large tags that can get caught on the conveyer belts when the luggage is being processed. I have heard many stories of them getting caught and causing bags not to making the flights ;) I love to purchase bags with different prints to be able to spot my suitcase. :)

  2. Ray|

    Different colored duck tape works best.

  3. Anonymous|

    I use a shower sponge tied to the handle. I once brought home someone else’s bag. I felt really bad, as the owner had to make a special trip back to the airport to retrieve the bag.

  4. John Reinke|

    Many years ago in Mexico I went to my hotel with an identical bag as mine. The airline got them swapped out and everything was fine. Since then I cut my last name out of thin cardboard and with a spray can label every side of my suitcase. They get so beat up by the airlines I don’t worry about them being pretty anymore. Also take pictures of the bags, add that to size and manufacturer’s details in MS Word and carry a printed copy for the next time our bag does not show up at a destination. Really helps in a country that you have not mastered their language.

  5. Nick|

    There is a great website: http://www.tags4bags.com that allows you to make a custom colored name tag for your luggage. Was a big hit in our family, ended up getting everyone a set for Christmas. Very reasonable and durable.

  6. travelingfools|

    First of all, I have outlined the edges of my suitcase with a ridiculous colored duck tape on ALL sides. Secondly, I tie a “neckerchief” size piece of material on the handle. Thirdly, I have a luggage tag on the outside and the inside. And, lastly, I store photos on my phone of the outside and the inside of the bags. One of our bags was misplaced in the Azores. The luggage person saw our camera photo. She told us the minute she opened the door of the luggage room the next day she started laughing because there was our silly suitcase.

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