Chicago-Jan-2011-32Stay Away From Chicago Airports (for Now)
The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) said today that it will take up to two weeks for them to fully restore operations in Chicago after Friday’s air traffic control center fire. My advice is to not book any connecting tickets via Chicago for the next couple of weeks—and if you have to fly to/from Chicago, try to stick to mainline flights and not regional jets. According to @AirlineFlyer, they’ve already canceled 118 ExpressJet, 89 Envoy Air and 76 SkyWest flights today! No matter what be sure to sign up for your airline’s flight alerts before heading to the airport. Here’s my list of them, as well as this delay map from the FAA.

More on the story from The New York Times and TravelMole:




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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Stay Away From Chicago Airports (for Now)"
  1. Kimo Dejon|

    I’d always stay away from Chicago…period!

  2. Lauren|

    No flights planned in the upcoming weeks, but thanks for the tip!

  3. Wes|

    Have a connection on the 11th? Which is at the tail end of the two weeks. Its on American. What do you think? safe or reschedule?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      They say the 13th but if they let you change for free I would do it.

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