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Traveling somewhere cold this holiday season? If you’re headed to the East Coast, into the mountains or even to Europe to experience the Christmas markets, it’s imperative to be prepared for that frigid cold air. Besides the obvious, like dressing in layers and wearing a heavy coat, consider packing some hand and toe warmers. They’re inexpensive and you can buy them online. I just found this ten-pack for less than $12 and each one is supposed to give off at least 200 hours of heat! Here’s a longer list on Amazon.



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5 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Pack Hand Warmers"
  1. MC Bauchiero|

    We’ve had our handwarmers taken by TSA in Chicgo and were told they looked like plastic explosives when xrayed. So we leave the handwarmers at home and buy them when we get to our destination. Not worth the hassle to try to pack them or carry them on.

  2. Anonymous|

    Great idea1 I also suggest purchasing a “packable” jacket. I jsut saw one
    at a “major” discounter for $10! Perfect for traveling :))

  3. Larissa|

    I always travel with a light pair of gloves (well, okay, not to the Carribbean), and a simple scarf (which can multi-task as a wrap or a blanket on a plane). Even moderate climates get chilly at night, and gloves and a scarf work wonders with a light jacket or raincoat.

  4. Chris Cavallari - Part Time Vagabond|

    As a New Englander, I speak from experience: The better investment is a pair of mittens. By keeping your fingers close together, the mitten acts as a mini oven, keeping your fingers warmer than gloves, and without the waste of hand warmers.

  5. Barbb|

    I used them at my son’s football games, in my shoes actually ! They eventually got very hot so I put them in my coat pockets along with my gloved hands which felt wonderful ,

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