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Last Thursday’s tip was about taking the bus between LGA airport and Manhattan. If you’re flying in or out of New York City’s largest airport, you can take public transportation as well. When I land at JFK, I jump on the AirTrain to Jamaica Station and then take the E train to 53rd Street and walk two blocks (underground and without going out of the subway turnstiles) to 51st Street station. Then I take the subway to the Upper East Side or to Grand Central Terminal for a total cost of $7.50 ($5 for AirTrain and $2.50 for the subway).

You do need to use a MetroCard, which you can get before exiting the AirTrain at JFK (it costs another $1 if you don’t already have one). If you’re going to the West Side or to Long Island, then you can take the LIRR from Jamaica Station. If going to downtown Manhattan, you’ll probably want to take the AirTrain to Howard Beach. Here’s a link to the MTA for a map and prices.



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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: JFK Transportation Tip"
  1. Gil|

    For frequent JFK users, buy the 10 trip AirTrain MetroCard for $25.00. That cuts the price of the AirTrain in half to $2.50 per ride.

  2. Jerry Mandel|

    Too complicated to go into Manhattan by public transport. Take the Airporter bus service and they will take you further within Manhattan within a certain radius. The Airporter bus service serves all 3 airports.

  3. Anonymous|

    When we visited NYC we thought about to take the sub from Jamaica.but after an 9hour flight and with much baggage we took a cab in the end.

  4. Jim Schumacher|

    Cheapest is not always the best. We took taxi from 24th St hotel to LGA, and while if did cost a few bucks more, we were at the airport in plenty of time to catch our flight, no transfers, no waiting.

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