RoomHow to Deal with Hotel Curtains that Don’t Close
If you’re like me and you like your hotel room to be pitch-black when you sleep, here’s a tip I use to deal with hotel curtains that don’t completely close: I overlap them and prop a pillow up against the bottom, and that’s usually enough to keep them closed. You could also a carry a safety or clothes pin, but who’s going to remember to do that?



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11 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: How to Deal with Hotel Curtains that Don’t Close"
  1. Srmteach|

    I keep a clothespin in my toiletry bag so I always have one handy.

  2. Cabetca|

    Here’s another tip for keeping hotel curtains closed:

  3. Ray|

    I travel with 3 large “bulldog clips” used to keep sheets of paper together. I save one for the curtains, the other two for a towel to re-direct the air conditioner by clipping the towel to the grate.

  4. Nancy|

    i usually pack some snack clips. I can use one up high. But a pillow is a great idea if I forget the clips!

  5. Ron|

    I keep a binder clip in my toiletry kit. Works great for curtains, but has come in handy for other things as well. And if you forget it, the front desk usually has one to give you.

  6. Scott|

    They have SO many pillows on hotel beds now, that I find overlapping the curtains and using extra pillows to but against the bottom (or if an inset window is there, putting against the curtains there solves the problem. Sometimes I also use chairs to prop up. I also usually use a towel or bedspread to keep the light coming from the hall under the door, and put tissue in the peephole. It’s gotta be totally dark for me…

  7. Bob|

    I have a drape clip that I got at Crowne Plaza plus I carry a couple of binder clips.

  8. Nicole|

    You can also use the pant hangers in the closet to help keep the curtains closed

  9. Monica|

    Hair clips! I always carry extra because I lose them everywhere but the alligator style are perfect for holding curtains that almost close together.

  10. Dale Hampton|

    After years on the road and dealing with that stupid crack I tend not to forget my safety pins! Having said that, I have definitely used the overlap method, but I generally use the desk chair (or ottoman) to apply pressure. The spare pillow – and/or blanket – is used to block the light coming in from under the door. (I do wear an eye shade, but I still like the room as pitch black as I can get it).

  11. Valerie|

    Or maybe just complain to the hotel that their curtains suck and they need to fix them so they close properly? As a paying guest, I expect that they provide a room that is comfortable to sleep in at minimum. Having to rig contraptions to hide light is ridiculous.

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