Check-inHow Solo Female Travelers Should Book Hotels
Many savvy female travelers that I know don’t use their first names when booking hotels—especially if they’re alone. Instead, they just give their first initial and last name so that they don’t reveal their gender.

FYI: Caitlin Martin photographed the open-air check-in desk above at Hawaii’s first Hilton Garden Inn, which she just wrote about.



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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: How Solo Female Travelers Should Book Hotels"
  1. CK|

    I am not quite sure how this works when you are booking online. (through corporate travel dept, the hotel’s website, etc..). Most hotels require a credit card to hold the room. When you enter in the credit card info, you need to put in the full name and address.

    I imagine I could change the name when check-in, but not prior.

    Anyone have experience with this?

  2. mandy|

    what’s the point? they’re going to know when you check in anyway. seems silly to me.

  3. Patty|

    For international visits you have to hand in your passport so they know all about you anyway….

  4. Anonymous|

    Huh? Who wrote this? They didn’t give any information in this.

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