Johnny-Jet's-2002-2011-Passport-Stamps-9Get Your Extra Passport Pages Now
According to our friends at the, starting December 31, 2015, you’ll no longer be able to add pages to a US passport. If you need more pages after that date, you’ll have to renew your passport—which stinks for frequent travelers. Canada has been doing this for years, which I thought was crazy. My guess is the US government just wants to make more money.

The good news is that all passports issued after December 31, 2015, will have 52 pages instead of the standard 28 pages. If you want to add to your current passport, however, now’s the time! Here’s where to do it.

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5 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Get Your Extra Passport Pages Now"
  1. James Carlson|

    Johnny, I haven’t used this tip but I passed in on to my son-in-law who travels very frequently. He said he will look into and pass it on to the company. I think you just saved them a boat load of money. Thanks JC

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Great to hear!

  2. Deena|

    What are the fees for adding pages?

  3. Linsa|

    Johnny, I need to make connecting flights at LHR from one carrier to another. What is the realistic time I should alow to make a connection there?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I would allow 3+ hours to be safe.

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