Cambodia immigration formsFill Out Both Sides of the Immigration Form—and Don’t Lose It
As I was reminded this past week, some countries—like Thailand and Japan—require you to fill out both sides of your immigration form (arrival and departure) when you land. I’ve seen countless travelers get pulled out of the immigration line upon arrival because they didn’t fill out the departure side (or separate departure form), too. Don’t lose your place in line and take the time to fill it out.

Even more importantly, don’t lose the departure form after they hand it back to you. I had two hotels this week in Thailand ask me for my departures form on check-in! Not sure what would’ve happened if I’d lost it, but I’m glad that I didn’t have to find out.

FYI: I filled out the immigration form above on trip to Cambodia, where I stayed at the Anantara Angkor Resort & Spa.



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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Fill Out Both Sides of the Immigration Form—and Don't Lose It"
  1. Don Hall|

    All of us travel a lot so some of your tips are bound to be repeats of real life. But some are refreshingly new and critically important. The two sides of the immigration form and carrying it during your entire trip is new to me. Also this past month we learned new things in India:
    First ALL carry on bags and other items must have the carriers name tag (a vital part of security) attached to each and every carry on item, or you go all the way back from security to the check in desk.
    Second, you must keep your boarding before, during, and after the flight or you may not be able exit the plane especially when it is domestic flight continuing to an international destination after the first stop. Or you may have just one or two more security hurtles requiring boarding passes after you think you are through security.
    Third, Indian airlines love to wrap your TSA luggage combination locks with long strips of very gooey tape. Ever so thoughtful of them.
    Finally be aware of the tighter domestic checked luggage rules on domestic legs of your tour after more liberal luggage rules getting to India on international flights. Our tour operator didn’t give us a heads up, and it didn’t occur to us to see it coming.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks! We might use your India tips too!

  2. Elwyn M|

    For added insurance in case you or your hotel lose your immigration form, use your cellphone to take a photograph of both sides of your immigration form after it is stamped and given back to you by the immigration officer.

    1. Heather|

      That’s a great idea. I worked with a group that took a large group of exchange students to Disneyland, we had them each sign it and take a photo of the back with the serial number in case they lost it and needed to get back into the park.

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