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ExitEmergency Exits
Always know where the emergency exits are on your hotel floor in case of a fire or other emergency. And keep your clothes and valuables handy—or just know where they are—just in case you need to get up quickly in the middle of the night.

Also keep in mind that most fire department ladders can only reach the seventh floor.



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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Emergency Exits"
  1. naoma4|

    i did not know about the 7th floor and the fire department. Thanks for that information!!!

  2. Marv Zwerin|

    1. Always look to see where the stairs are and count the doors to the stairs before you go into your room at night so that if you have to evacuate in the dark and in smoke you at least know how far you are going to reach the fire escape.
    2. When there is a fire alarm, feel the door knob and/or door frame to see if it is warm/hot.
    3. When opening the room door, do so while staying as low to the floor as you can to avoid a flashback if there is a fire.
    4. If there is smoke in the hall, place a wet wash towel over your mouth and breathe through it until you get outside the building.
    5. Always in a fire, stay close to the floor where there is smoke and follow the exit lighting if present toward the nearest stairwell.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Great advice! Thanks!

  3. Burt S|

    Great tips for a hotel. Also, keep your valuables; i.e., wallet, pocket book, keys, etc. in a handy place to scoop them up and go. Always have a small flashlight handy (LED lites are great). Similar precautions that you outlined and some of the readers should be also kept in mind when on a plane.

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