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OutletDual Voltage Flat Irons
Hey ladies! My wife learned the hard way that a North American flat iron doesn’t work overseas when hers blew up recently in Thailand. Most of North America runs on 120 volts, but many other countries run on anywhere from 220 volts to 240 volts. So, if you have a flat iron designed for the 120-volt world, be careful plugging it into a socket of 220 volts or higher…unless of course it’s a dual/universal voltage appliance or you’re using a converter. Here’s a list of dual voltage flat irons on that may come in handy on your next trip.



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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Dual Voltage Flat Irons"
  1. Anja|

    I have a travel flat iron combined with a curling iron. I bought it at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

    Brand name: Ion

    Name of it: Straight n’ Spiral

    Mini Ceramic Combo Style Iron

    It auto switches. No switch is needed to change the current.

    It comes with a carrying pouch that is insulated. It has a lock to lock it shut for transport or to use it as a curling iron.

    The inside plates are for the flat iron. There are plates on the outside curve that are for the curling iron. Lock it shut and heat up the outside to get curls. The curls don’t come out round. They come out kind of oval, but it is better than nothing and only one tool to carry instead of two.

    You can turn on the flat iron and spiral curls separately or have both turn on. It gets hot. No temperature control. Just on or off. You can’t have everything in a small, portable, combo device.

    Check out the Sally’s website for world travel tools.

    I also bought the Plugged In Hair Dryer. It folds in half at the handle. It does not auto switch. You must manually turn the current switch. It’s difficult to turn. You need a tool to switch it. You can’t do it with your hands.

    I hope that helps. Sally’s is a good resource for style tools.

  2. Essie|

    How the heck does someone not know that? Has she never traveled outside the country before? Weird.

    1. Melinda|

      Essie, I was thinking exactly the same thing, particularly since JohnnyJet’s wife Natalie has a website called:

  3. sabrinamendez|

    I really like my Karmin

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