Cool phone at Anantara Hotel Chiang Rai
Some in-room phones are more tempting—like those at the Anantara Hotel Chiang Rai

Don’t Use the Hotel Room Phone
Most people know to use their cell phone or a VOIP like Skype when making a call from a hotel room. Well, last month I was reminded big time. I’d just arrived to my hotel room in Fort Lauderdale when I had to jump on a conference call to talk about a panel I was speaking on the following day.

There were eight people on the line when my cell phone cut out (I only had one bar to begin with), so I went to use Skype. But my Skype connection was too slow, so I did the forbidden: I picked up the house phone and dialed the call-in number, which was a Boston number. Without the time to ask, I simply hoped the hotel offered free long distance, or would at least waive the fee (or even part of it) since I’m an elite member, but oh no. I got shot down for the whole $69.97 call! That hurt.

The good news for you is this reminder (for free) not to use the in-room phone, especially at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina.



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  1. Karyn|

    I always carry a prepaid long distance phone card that I purchase at the supermarket. Mine costs $5 and is good for at least 2 hours. They can be used from any phone, including pay phones. Mine has seen me through trying times in Turkey and the Caribbean when either my cell phone was dead or there was no reception. They are also much cheaper than cell roaming rates (especially if you are Canadian!).

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