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Don’t Swim With Clothes On
Thursday’s tip was about swimming between the lifeguard flags or next to a lifeguard stand. Today’s tip is swimming-related, but a little different. Since I live near the beach and have heard about way too many drownings recently, I thought I’d share a totally random beach tip.

Often, when there’s an adult drowning, it’s because the person can’t swim, was drunk or went swimming with his or her clothes on. I’m guessing that most times that people swim with their clothes on, they weren’t planning on going swimming in the first place; maybe they got caught up in the moment, or in the heat. Well, no matter what prompts it, don’t go swimming with your clothes on without knowing the risks. People don’t realize that swimming with wet clothes can be like swimming with cement weights wrapped around your body (more on swimming here). If you don’t have a bathing suit and you must swim, it’s better to go in your underwear rather than with your clothes on—especially jeans.



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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Swim with Clothes On"
  1. Dalton@horseracebetwin.com|

    The proper way to swim with pants on I learned in the army. First you take them off and soak them, then tie the leg ends together in a square knot. Blow them up from the waist end. Then hold that end with your hand, and put it around your neck or chest as a flotation device ‘

  2. Coire|

    The proper way to swim with pants on I learned in the army. First you take them off…
    Lol, too funny! yes I learned both ways, you need to be a pretty strong swimmer to swim with heavy clothes on, not that it ever bothered me, but loose clothes can get caught on things too.

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