Natalie and bagDon’t Put Your Bags on Other Bags
This should be common sense, but I was reminded last week that it’s worth repeating. On my American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London (story), I watched in horror as the woman sitting directly behind me boarded the plane really late, and then scrambled to find overhead compartment space for her suitcase. The flight attendant offered to put it in business class for her, but the woman insisted she wanted it close to her (which was smart).

So, she just threw her bag in a bin that already had bags in it. She didn’t try to move them to the side, but rather threw her suitcase on top of the bags that were already in there, no doubt crushing whatever was in them. Hopefully, nothing valuable was damaged due to her carelessness. There was no way her suitcase was going to fit on top of the other bags, and that was clear to anyone looking at the bin and the size of her suitcase. It was very inconsiderate of her to try to stuff it in there, with no regard for the other passengers’ property. Don’t be like her. Store your bags only where they fit—and not on top of other bags.

I see all kinds of crazy things when I fly, which is why I was recently prompted to write a post about 10 of the craziest things I saw on my last international flight. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on a flight?



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