Overhead binDon’t Put Small Bags in the Overhead Bin
Unless you’re in the bulkhead or exit row (on some airlines), don’t put your carry-on bag in an overhead bin if it’s small enough to go under the seat in front of you. You rarely see planes going out with extra bin space, and that’s because everyone puts their bag(s) and coat(s) in the overhead. If there’s leftover space once the door is shut, you can then move your smaller carry-on(s) to the bin. The point is: Be considerate of others, and use only the space you need.

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10 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Put Small Bags in the Overhead Bin"
  1. Rob Schneider|

    I disagree. Every customer is entitled to use the top lockers, or dare I say check their bags. Why clog your feet space because someone else has a big carry on ?

  2. Karyn Moore|

    While I agree with being thoughtful to other travellers, I have a real issue with overhead bin storage. I am too short to even reach the bins, so I always carry a small bag and store it under my seat. Sometimes (like last week of AC Rouge from Barcelona, the guy in front of me claimed my underseat space for his own and I had to politely ask him to place his bag under the seat in front of him. He replied that that was where he put his feet! Airlines should more strictly enforce the carry on size rules. I, fo one, am tied of seeing other peoples belongings suished, squashed and damaged because someone is trying to cram his too-large suitcase into the bin.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I can’t believe the dude in front of you.

  3. Pat|

    This is one of my pet peeves. Even after several announcements from the attendants, people still shove small bags and coats into the overhead bins. They just don’t seem to care.

  4. Anonymous|

    This is all well and good….but, placing carry-ons under the seat means there’s no space for your feet.

  5. peter chaconas|

    Good luck with those thoughts…People just don’t care…For me, I’d like to see 1) an announcement AT the gate telling people not to.. 2) maybe the gate agent who takes tickets to say it…
    and/or 3) a member of the cabin crew to be standing in the isles, and telling people to their face NOT to put their smaller carry on-stuff in the over heads…
    But honestly, will this ever happen?? Only if they are told directly by a crew member IN the plane…Maybe

  6. Mike|

    This is how I feel about that why should I have to put my “small carry-on ” under my seat especially since I paid for the bags that are in the cargo bay. I’m entilted just as much to that overhead as the person who is bringing on their hope chests

  7. Alex|

    Why should I “pay” for all those idiots that carry their whole household into the plane by giving up the space where I usually put my feet. If everybody would stick to the size rule (or the airlines would enforce them) the problem would be only half as severe.

  8. Janet Dawson|

    I pay to check my luggage and take a small bag on board….I feel I should have space in the overhead bin for my carry-on keeping the underseat room for my feet. I resent those who bring their suitcases onboard and take all the bin space. It used to be that suitcases came onboard to bypass the luggage carousels…now it very obviously is to not have to pay the $25+ baggage fee. Those of us who pay should definitely have space in the overheard for anything we carry on.

  9. Bryan|

    I pay to check my roller bag so I can put my backpack in the overhead. I’m putting my coat up there as well.

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