StreetDon’t Follow the Crowd when Crossing the Street
While in New York City last week I saw some tourists almost get killed because they weren’t paying attention and crossed the street when the person in front of them did. That was almost a huge mistake. They learned the hard way that some (maybe even most) New Yorkers don’t wait for the crosswalk sign and like to take chances when they cross the street since they’re always in a hurry. Don’t jaywalk and always be sure to look both ways. Don’t just rely on what the person in front of you does—in New York or anywhere else.

FYI: I took the photo above in Waikiki, Oʻahu, Hawaii—one of absolute my favorite places on Earth. If you haven’t seen, we just launched a contest that could win you a trip there. Check it out here!



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3 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Follow the Crowd when Crossing the Street"
  1. KR|

    I’ll tell you where I followed someone crossing the street…ever been to Naples Italy? I cross with the little old ladies, because cars stop for them. Its not the people waiting for the cross signal, its the cars that ignore all rules of the road there.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I have a similar tip for Monday!

  2. laine25|

    Very good advice, Johnny. I’ve seen people do it all the time and it’s not worth getting a ticket or risking an accident. Also, when crossing streets in Lima, Peru, the cars don’t wait so very dangerous.

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