AlaskaDon’t Fall for Free Airline Ticket Scams
Last Saturday, in the wake of Alaska Airlines placing the winning bid to purchase Virgin America, a “coupon” promising free Alaska Airlines tickets showed up on social media. Of course, it was a scam. As far as scams go, it was pretty well-done, but the fact is that airlines don’t give away free tickets in mass. Do you really think they would?

This particular scam is now apparently dead, but there are and will be others like it. Be smart and don’t fall for them. You’ll be happy you didn’t later.



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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don't Fall for Free Airline Ticket Scams"
  1. Barbara|

    Another scam out there is automated phone calls that say, “As an Expedia customer you have won a free trip. Press” etc. Since I had not used Expedia in a couple of years, my antenna’s went up. I called Expedia and they were not offering any free trips. I recommend not pressing any numbers. The automated scam has called me three time. If you block it they know it is a viable number. Just hang up!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know! Thank you for sharing

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