Diamond Head

Don’t Always Trust Siri
While in Hawaii over New Year’s, Natalie and I wanted to climb Diamond Head for the sunrise as we have in the past (see: how to have a perfect morning in Waikiki). But since I know things change frequently, I didn’t want to walk all the way there only to have to wait until the park opened. So I asked Siri what time Diamond Head Park opened, and she gave me a time that didn’t seem right (7 am). So I then called my concierge at the Moana Surfrider who confirmed the park opened at 6 am.

I love my iPhone, but the moral of this tip is to not always trust Siri—especially when it comes to opening and closing times.

BTW: Diamond Head was an absolute zoo at sunrise! There had to be over 500 tourists (mostly Japanese) already at the top when we arrived.



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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don't Always Trust Siri"
  1. TravelPhyl|

    Very recently in Napa, CA the directions I got were very wrong. My word to the wise, have a new map in your car so if you get messed up you can find your way out of a mess.

  2. ABQJim|

    Bottom line – don’t trust Siri. Siri is stupid. She has messed up my wife iPhone6s numerous times and once our contract is over she is switching to a Samsung Galaxy5 Note.

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