DrinkCover Your Drink on the Plane
Now, I’m not a doctor. But I recently saw an off-duty pilot cover his drink with a napkin on a flight while he wasn’t drinking—and it was enough for me to start doing the same. I’ve spoken before about germs on planes and shared other tips on the subject, and I don’t want them flying into my drink. You?



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6 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Cover Your Drink on the Plane"
  1. CR|

    If you’re that worried about germs, maybe you should stay home in your hermetically sealed house.

    1. Anonymous|

      Amen, just put vodka in it and that should take care of the flies.

  2. Ian Livingston|

    More on the subject from reader Sherry F: “I did some research on this and the website said paper napkins are too porous to keep out microorganisms.”

  3. ChinaMatt|

    I never got sick from flying, unless you count feeling a bit queasy from the food. I’m usually more worried about spilling my wine or coffee on international flights.

  4. mlblogsbillw|

    If there are germs in the air you’re already breathing them in.

  5. Rusty|

    Double shot of scotch sterilizes the drink and greets the liver with daggers!

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