Belkin 3-outletBring a Power Strip
Some airports, hotels and cruise ships don’t have a lot of power outlets, which is why I always bring a mini power strip. I use this Belkin with three extra plugs and a USB port so that I can always charge my devices at once. It’s also a great way to make friends at the airport—simply by sharing the power.



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9 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Bring a Power Strip"
  1. Geoff Edwards|

    I always take a power strip, but had a problem last timeout. On a cruise strip, the power surge safety circuit shut down all the electricity in my cabin. I now take a strip with out that protection.

  2. heidi|

    I always take one when I travel. Also great for cruising :) !

  3. Bob|

    Please check the pros and cons of this device on Amazon before purchasing.

  4. Andrea|

    No I had not tried this but, I sure could have used it when I went to France, needed one….

  5. Anonymous|

    The model Johnny referenced is $24.95 from Belkin, but can be purchased through Amazon for $10.18, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

  6. Scott|

    I couldn’t agree more. How eay is it to slip on in the pocket of your suitcase. You will be glad you did. I also like the Belkin.

  7. Marvin Zwerin|

    I purchased 4 of these at ~ $10 each on e-Cost about a year ago. They are great. Not enough power on the USB ports for an iphone/ipad, but they give 4 outlets and take up almost no desktop space. I use them on cruise ships/river boats. I also purchased a 220 power strip in Europe which is perfect when that’s the only outlet available.

  8. John|

    Instead use a 6 ft extension cord with the standard three sockets on the end. Also take along a 3 to 1 plug adapter to give you up to 5 outlets if 3 are not enough. The advantages doing it this way are many: You get a longer cord when you need to be plugged in to charge while using your device from a place not close to the outlet. You only need one foreign adapter for the extension cord to have it plug in properly (Note many outlets like the one pictured sometimes have a problem fitting with an adapter into foreign recessed outlets). The extension also allows numerous wall warts to be plugged in while not pulling the adapter out of the outlet because of their combined weight. And an extension cord is a lot cheaper. Yes, I lose the USB charging port with this solution, but a shortage of USB chargers is not even on my problem list.

  9. Gene|

    Sometimes your travel agent gives you one just for booking with them! We give one mini-power strip for every cabin booked on a cruise.

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